New Music: Bugatti Boyz (Diddy x Rick Ross) – ‘Another One’

Bugatti Boyz

Diddy turns out all the lights in the club and gets dirty on his street single “Another One,” released in conjunction with Rick Ross under the name Bugatti Boyz. Produced by Lil’ Lody, the booming track, which plays like Puff’s answer to “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast),” sees Diddy holding down the verses and Ross kicking it on the chorus.

“I’m strong bitch, I own shit/ Gave myself a 10-digit bonus/ I’m the money man,” brags the Bad Boy CEO. Blow those speakers out by listening below.

Download: Bugatti Boyz – “Another One”

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  1. mike

    really… this kind of group/bands nowadays in the industry… first Dirty Money, then Young Money and now Bugatti Boyz… what’s next?


  2. mistwalker

    dam is this wat hiphop has come to ?
    Man, get these whack cocksuckers off stage, where the fuck is Kanye when you need him? (enimem no love)


  3. Antonios World

    This Pretty Great, Could Be Better With A Stronger Beat


  4. J.J.

    It’s Ight… need a harder beat



    degradation, diddy is copy paste man ! Ross just some retarded rapper with out harizma !


  6. Dan King

    With Ross, Diddy is Better….Hence Bugatti Boyz..)dk


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