Kanye West Announces Album Title

Kanye West

The pieces are starting to fall in place for Kanye West’s fifth album. After keeping details under wraps, the rapper has officially given his long-awaited project a title and announced a third single.

“The official album title is and always was …….. MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY,” tweeted West while designing typefaces for the packaging at a graphics house in Paris.

His next single after “Runaway” will be “All of the Lights,” despite an unfinished version leaking online. “I ain’t letting no leaks have any affect on my song choices,” he stated. “All of the Lights is the next single but wait till yall here the final!!!!!”

He also answered what many fans have been wanting to know, whether the free music from G.O.O.D. Fridays will be included on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. “Yes some of the good fridays will be on the album,” said Yeezy, while revealing the first sounds you’ll hear when you press play on the disc. “The first song on the album is called Dark Fantasy produced my The Rza co-produced by me and No I.D.”

Yesterday, Kanye confirmed the November 22 release date, which Rap-Up.com first reported. He is screening the accompanying short film for “Runaway” in Paris today.

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    First !


  2. Nagad




  3. Rohan123

    Still think good ass job was a better title, but whatever All of the lights is HEAVY!


  4. Whatcha_Sayin

    The title is a bit long. My iPod will cut it off on the albums list. Not too keen on it either. It took me ages to like Dark Twisted Fantasy and what about the tetrology idea with this album completing what the first three albums started?

    Cant wait for All of the Lights


  5. Ankka

    #FAIL! that’s the name of his “comeback” album? how many buzz singles are we going to get? none of the ones he released until now got anywhere.


  6. jj

    i agree with Rohan123…good ass job was so much better


  7. CRyno39

    @Ankka, he only has two singles from the cd, Power and Runaway. The rest are free songs he gives away as part of his G.O.O.D. Friday movement and most won’t be on the cd. Get your facts right before you complain because it makes you seem very ignorant.


  8. Tev

    Yesssssss Lets GO Buyin this album the first day i might get two copies.I know Devil In A New Dress is on the album but i don’t what other G.O.O.D. Friday song is going to be on there. All Of The Lights is going to be a banger when it drops and on the BET Hip-Hip Awards watch Kanye kill the Cypher!!!


  9. Sol-power

    I liked Good Ass Job. It went with the theme of his previous albums.


  10. christian

    best song everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Bob

    I’m getting 2 copies of the album. Just hope he does well on the sales just to prove it to the haters.


  12. JhuntdaProdigy

    The title sucks, but frankly IDGAF cause I know Kanye’s gonna bring that heat! I don’t rly want any of the good friday tracks to be on the album because I want almost all the songs to be new to me during my first listen through. Oh, and Runaway’s #3 on itunes right now, with a Pusha T who’s relatively unknown in the mainstream. So when he drops a single with Drake on it, it’s a rap, #1 hit single. I wish Kanye’d sell more then shady prolly won’t happpend, but he’ll sell a lot regardless



    this album will be shit if ciara isn’t featured on it


  14. K.K.

    adding ‘MY BEAUTIFUL’ to the title that released before, that’s all? Thought it would be something more special… ;P
    What a long title…


  15. Terry Henfleet | Terry Henfleet

    [...] Rap-Up.com || Kanye West Announces Album Title [...]

  16. the spot

    as long as HOVA is his boss…….ye’ will sell … amazing(no mason)


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