Album Cover: Kid Cudi – ‘Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager’

Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Kid Cudi slumps over on the weathered cover of his sophomore album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. Sitting in a wooden chair, Cudder peers up from the shadows, dressed in his Rosewood attire while hunched in front of a portrait of the cosmos. The sequel to his 2009 debut, featuring the Kanye West-aided single “Erase Me,” lands in stores November 9.

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  1. Lukas



  2. Lukas



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  4. angel_cudi

    Oh my God!!! i cant wait til the 9th!!! i love the cover… less than a month this will be in my hands!!!!! G.O.O.D MUSIC HAS ARRIVED!!!!


  5. allen

    cooooool cover althoug i like the first one on man on moon better this is not bad


  6. YMCMB

    Absolute classic. Great choice Cudder.


  7. David

    This is sick… So Cudi-ish. I don’t know if I like this or MOTM1 better because they’re both different stories and overall a different Cudi. But we obviously know he and his “people” know how to attract fans.

    November 9 = History Being Made


  8. Fredy



  9. Fredy

    Awesome that the star are in a potrate that puts a feel of space[ man on the moon ]


  10. sashaj

    very nice cover i like the colors a lot


  11. Stevie Tempah

    Cudi’s done it again, his last cover was unreal and this one’s even better!


  12. Nait Phoenix



  13. xray vision

    can ppl STOP putting up picuters of themselves only on album covers…include the album name and your name so it doesnt look so empty…nice cover but still


  14. Goon

    Cool cover, can’t wait for the album!!


  15. aReLi

    Can’t wait to copp me Man on the moon II, the cover is creative! Cudi is music .


  16. kani



  17. K.K.

    so art and so cool ;D lol


  18. Christian

    I for one love album covers that don’t have their name and album name plastered all over the damn artwork. It makes the album more mysterious and shows how artistic the artist is.


  19. MusaSkhosana

    Respect to the ever so creative mr cudi


  20. Kevin

    was a huge Cudi fan prior to listening to this album like most of you, however it is extremely fucked up.. like in a trippy/super eerie way, much like this album cover. idk if two concept albums in a row is such a good thing, we will see what the public thinks… but after this album, you can’t help but say kid cudi is one fucked up dude.


  21. Alex

    I have the album already since it leaked but im still going to buy the album when it comes out just for the artwork


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