Sade Turns Down Jay-Z Collaboration

Sade and Jay-Z

Jay-Z may be one of the greatest rappers alive, but that’s not enough to convince Sade to do a collaboration. The British songstress admits she has turned down requests from prominent rappers including Hov.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Sade reveals that Jay–Z and other MCs have approached her about rapping over her beats or having her sing the hook on their records, but she has politely declined.

“I’m too scared,” she tells writer Nelson George. “They’ll find me out. It’s like The Wizard of Oz. They’ll find out there’s nothing there. As for collaborations, I’m collaborating with the band and do what we do. I see myself as a member of this band who does these songs that we write.”

If you’re one of the lucky few who does get a sample cleared, Sade says it won’t cost you much. “When it comes to sample clearances, I’m probably the cheapest chick in the west,” she muses.

Sade and her band will kick off the North American leg of their 50-city tour on June 16, starting at Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena.

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    Yeah she doesn’t collab with anyone, I read something about that a while a ago, her choice


  2. Ghetto Fab

    I wish these rappers would leave these Icons alone. They don’t want to collab with your asses. Sade is like Grace Jones. She ain’t having it. Lol


  3. Classy


    Grace jones is on diddy’s new album…..
    And Lil Kim’s “Revolution”


  4. Darius winston

    Sade cant really sing


  5. twyne

    She knows are limit plus she’s not ready to take risk


  6. harvey

    awh why sade,But she proves she’s the baddest.


  7. Lamb

    She collaborated with Alicia ^_^ because she’s special. lol


  8. ShadowBox

    Kudos to Sade for turning down collaborations with here today, gone tomorrow rappers that want to pimp her sound. Sade does not need to do it. Even after 25+ years she and the band topping the charts with first week sales of 502,000 copies. Like she said when she wants to collaborate she gets together with the band – Stuart, Paul and Andrew and write music.


  9. mindy







  10. MaZ

    I love Sade even more now! lol

    She’s a Queen!


  11. kani

    she’s just afraid of all those STDs there.. leave her alone.


  12. Joyams

    i like her way of thinking


  13. Cameraman

    @Darius winston:

    Kill yaself now. That is all.


  14. From Tokyo

    The millions of people who’ve bought her albums disagree, Darius. Why stupidly get pressed about something like that? She showed more class than you apparently possess. As Sade said, she is a member of a band and THEY are her collaborators. Rappers just trying to jump on any hot thing and they’re killing their own genre with it. Let Sade do her thing; she doesn’t need any rapping on it!


  15. Brice

    She turned down drake,kanye and jay…my 3 favorite rappers…why sade why????

    But i will always you,you re the baddest.


  16. Bmthaprince

    Whos sade anyways????hov dont need her……fuck sade


  17. A.J. Crew

    Sade doesn’t need to do collabs to be “hot” because “Soldier of Love” sold 700k the first week without heavy ass promo like these other female “singers” need.

    Sade > Beyonce > JoJo > everyone else.


  18. A.J. Crew

    Hmmm… hold up….

    Sade = Beyonce > JoJo > everyone else. There we go.


  19. Jarvis

    @shadowbox good point

    Also, Im GLAD she out of all the rappers she turned down jay0z because he is “too high on his horse” anyways…someone needs to give his a$$ a wakeup call telling him that hes not all that and not everyone wants to work with him.


  20. jhuntdaprodigy

    Gotta respect Sade, but it would be real dope to hear her do a collaboration with Kanye, my favorite artist. She doesn’t collab with anybody though, oh well, it would probably sound dope


  21. incognegro

    Honestly, I don’t blame her. Not that Jay-Z is not a great artist, because he is (and this takes a lot for me to say, because I don’t really dig Jay like that); but honestly, I feel that if she agrees to sing hooks, it lowers the value/level of her brilliance. It’s like stepping down from superstar status to becoming a background singer. This whole Singer and Rapper colloboration/combination is a new concept, and I think to most veterans, it does not necessary make sense. Sade is a true artist, one that cannot be duplicated or commoditized over a hook of a rap song – so again, I totally don’t blame her, and I find it kinda disrespectful that someone would contact her expecting her to sing a hook like she’s a new-jack artists. Just my opinion…


  22. tvr

    krayzie bone has already collaborated with sade it’s called hard time hustlin


  23. ShadowBox

    Krayzie bone was not a collaboration. It was a sample of Sade’s Feel No Pain. She does grant samples of her music(rarely) but is rightly wary of rappers ringing her up asking her to sing vocal hooks.


    adrian Reply:

    @ShadowBox, you are wrong he did do that song with sade…i have the interview with krayzie…
    krayzie bone: Yeah, and for me to be doin’ that song w/ her is like- unbelievable to me still. I still listen to it and I’m like ‘maaan! I got Sade on here!’. It’s crazy.


  24. ShadowBoxer

    Krayzie bone was not a collaboration. It was a sample of Sade’s Feel No Pain. She does grant samples of her music(rarely) but is rightly wary of rappers ringing her up asking her to sing vocal hooks.


  25. YeezyFan

    Fck Sade Jay-Z so much betta. Does ne1 even listen to her anymore ?


  26. From Tokyo

    I still cannot understand people actually getting mad. It’s true that you can reason with an insane man but not an irrational man. For those who question who she is/her sales are truly irrational. smhlmbao


  27. Teyana

    Love Sade…the chick doesn’t need validation from nobody!


  28. tvr

    @ShadowBoxer, ok he sampled her, but she did show the good grace in appearing on his video for the song



    She did King of Sorrow with Guru. Maybe she knows she’s better than a Jay-Z collabo.


  30. ShadowBoxer

    Her ‘appearance’ in Krazie bone video was also a sample of her original Feel No Pain video. And King of Sorrow with Guru is also a sample from her original King of Sorrow song. Sade is yet to collaborate outside of her band…which is how most of her fans like it.


  31. kekeluvsu


    Nigga did you just really ask who the fuck is Sade?! Like seriously?! She is what your faves want to be and where they want to be in the next 20-30 years. LOL. She is the epitome of success. She hasn’t cut an album for damn near 12 years or so and she came back KILLING. So sit the hell down with your ignorance.


  32. Sol-power


    Yeah, a collab between her and Yeezy would be awesome.


  33. stellar2

    good, Jay-Z’s wack anyways, no matter what anyone says, he annoys me.


  34. Hannah

    Sade didn’t see it for Jay-Z’s lame self. Oop. LMAO.


  35. Rachel

    I couldn’t agree with ya more Sade! Though, I would love to hear her collaborate with Maxwell, that would be pure ear sex.


  36. from_amsterdam

    It makes me laugh Jay z, thought he had to deal with beyonce? she did not need it.


  37. Ms. Pat

    Sade is in a class on it’s own, greatest. The entire band Sade goes down in history as being one of the best. I can only see a collaboration with Maxwell. But, I respect Sade and the band to choice not to collaborate, because once greatness is made, if you change it, it maybe a disaster. Sade’s legency will go done in history has one of the greatest bands of all time.


  38. Drew

    And Jay-Z get’s the collaboration… Guess all that Jay-Z is wack talk can simmer down now.


  39. Dut

    seems Sade had a change of heart, look up “Moon & Sky” also check out “Soldier of Love Feat Jay-Z ( Jointdale Remix )” not a bad mix


  40. berbec

    Love her voice!! Real love !


  41. berbec

    For real


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