Nicole Scherzinger Remakes Bond Theme for ‘GoldenEye’ Video Game

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger adds a sexy touch to Nintendo video game “GoldenEye 007,” rerecording the theme song originally sung by Tina Turner. The classic tune, featured in the game’s opening credits sequence, pairs the Pussycat Doll with a brassy backing section, giving the track a more contemporary feel.

“I absolutely love all the Bond music. I think it creates this whole other world,” stated Nicole. “James Bond and the Bond girls are just the epitome of cool.”

The “Poison” singer explained that recording the theme song was an unexpected honor. “When the opportunity was presented to me that we were going to be remaking the ‘GoldenEye’ song, I actually flipped. Not only am I a huge James Bond fan, but I’m a huge fan of Tina Turner and the song itself,” she shared. “For me, it’s not so much showing off vocally. It’s more about staying true to the heart of the song.”

Though she feels responsibility to live up to the song’s legacy, she’s taking a few liberties, too. “I definitely feel like they handed off the ‘GoldenEye’ torch to me, so hopefully, I’ll do my own thing on it. Have some fun with it,” she continued. “I think that music creates a whole other world, a world of escape. I think that players will really feel the essence of Bond through this song.”

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  1. Forest C.

    it was ok…she hit the notes, kind of. but tina’s version can’t really be altered. if you can’t do it as good or better, then don’t….just sayin.


  2. Aryo

    wow…she’s freakin talented, she sings even better than tina turner!


  3. infamous

    She nailed it. I loved it. Not as good as Tina Turner´s version but it def sounds good.


  4. Pinoy

    My pinay girl Nicole is hottest singer out there.


  5. marymag

    someone please give this chile a walmart application cause singing is not doing it for her!


  6. Melanie

    ^^ @Marymag, that’ is too funny! I agree the reason girl groups work for Nicole is because she’s just not that talented or interesting solo. Either way I wish her best I just won’t be supporting her solo stuff.


  7. bijan

    i think she did the song justice

    but I don’t like how she mimicked Tina’s style so much. But the high note at the end was nice


  8. helen

    AMAAAZING nicole is so fabulous and that note at the end…chills :)


  9. dj_miki

    sounds really good


  10. Baron



  11. KOS-MOS-18

    didn’t know she could hit those high notes :O nice job :)


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