Taylor Swift Bests Lil Wayne’s ‘Carter III’ First-Week Sales

Taylor Swift

Lil Wayne has held the title as the only musician to sell more than a million copies in his first week since Tha Carter III hit shelves in 2008, but he’s forfeited his crown to Taylor Swift.

The country-pop star’s newest album Speak Now debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart this week, selling a staggering 1,047,000 copies, the largest sales week since 50 Cent’s The Massacre moved 1,141,000 units in March 2005.

Swift not only joined the milli club, but she also earned the second-largest sales week of a country album since 1991. Garth Brooks is the only artist since then to cross the seven-figure mark, selling 1,085,000 copies of his 1998 album Double Live in its opening week.

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  1. Will



  2. Cameraman

    Props to her for not stealing Jazmine Sullivan’s album title this time around…


  3. greg

    as long as my boys NSYNC keep their 2million+ record in one week, im good. lol


  4. K!LLm@tic

    Damn, she even beat Eminem!


  5. Kandi

    @Cameraman, Pleaaseee, I bet she doesn’t know who Jazmine even is.

    and LOL @ greg


  6. beingme

    Country fans are loyal even if they artist they support is more pop than country and can’t sing. She has some die hard fans. Lady Gaga/Justin Bieber didn’t even sell 1+ million in a week.


    lawls Reply:


    Actually Lady Gaga just did.


  7. philly11

    Yeahhhh T.Swift. I loved the album…been listening to it non-stop since I got it. Wrote it all herself…no co-writers and killed it! In the words of T.I. “You can hate if you want, but your wasting your time”…


  8. usherbig fan

    usher king of r&b connfassion + 1 million and + 30 million in the world usher king and mj


  9. You Kno Me

    Good music sells, u dont have to leak dick pics, crash stages, or make non sensicle mini movies about phoenix’s. TAYLOR WINS!!!


  10. marky

    im not a hater.but im not a fan of T.Swift.her music dosent touch me and i enjoy country music.i dont like how she sings about boys thats not really country.but styll props that she beat tha milli mark.shes in the club:) and in my opimion lil wayne was tha one who killed itt.nobody thought he could do it.wit swift everyone already predicted it.but anyways.good job.hope she sells some more


  11. Garyy

    Cameraman, quit trollin’ and keep movin’


  12. marymag

    taylors album is wayy better than lil waynes album. her sales have been increasing with each album, while lil waynes recent album only opened with about 100k or so? FLOPPP!!! carter3 was a FLUKE


  13. Ventura Forever

    @usherbig fan , usher is so irrelevant to this post

    @cameraman she didnt still anything from jasmine notagain,and even if she did she would still sell MUCH MORE than her…she caould steal her whole album and still shit on jasmine notagain #ThatIsAll


  14. buddyreal



  15. dee dee

    @beingme…yea that’s one thing you can say about country fans…THEY WILL DIE FOR DHERE ARTISTS AND BUY ALL DHERE SHXT….

    but this is a perfect example of

    country fans>>>>>>>>>>musical substance


  16. philly11

    I like that!!


  17. Spencer

    what da fuck???


  18. greg

    congrats!!!! thats great!! no shade this way…


  19. JWEEZY

    thats because Tha Carter IV hasnt come out…weezys gonna break the 1 billion record that doesnt exist!!!!


  20. Miniblock

    yo taylor, i’m really happy for you………………………………………………………….. hahahhaa…..
    anyway…. everybody know that the 1,041,000 people are stupid 15 year old girls???? so …


  21. AustynKing

    The reason that she sold as much cuz “LIMEWIRE” is shut down due to the court injunction & goes to prove that Weezy was able to do that even when you could get his album thru filesharing!! SHE’S WEAK!! ALWAYS HAVE BEEN & ALWAYS WILL BE


  22. Lisa

    Can’t stand this trick.


  23. philly11

    Me and my cousin bought her album and we are 24…just saying

    I understand that but her album leaked a week before the release, and she still sold


  24. C-B-4


    Just because limewire shuts down it means there is no other way to download music? Come on give ur head a shake


  25. Lex

    @AustynKing, i’m not even a fan of hers, but your reasoning is garbage. give the girl her props. a milli in 2010 is remarkable.


  26. jhuntdaprodigy

    Not even Marshall Mathers did that, and I don’t see Lil Wayne doing it again. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the last album to ever do it


  27. headphones

    i’m not hatin on Taylor, i don’t listen to her music but sellin a milli in a week is pretty amazing.. regardless if it’s due to loyal country fans or what not… if you can connect with that many people with your music than that’s wassup. *SN* so excited for all the albums that are dropping this month


  28. jenniika



  29. LOL

    I dont even listen to country and I give her props! Some of yall are just some angry kanye and wayne stans cuz you know damn well they cant sell like that anymore


  30. Mr Xclusive

    lol country music sucks how the hell did this happen


  31. Mr Xclusive

    @marymag excuse me you ignorant female? country and rap are totally different genres how f*cking dare you see that GTFO b*tch


  32. kani

    mall music. for the country-infected america.


  33. Draco

    @jhuntdaprodigy Eminem sold a million in 2000 & 2002,they both sold more than this chick.So what the hell are you talking about?


  34. WhatchaSayin'

    @Draco I think jhuntdaprodigy was referring to Em’s real name and his recent album, Recovery which makes the most sense.


  35. KDude

    She should thank Kanye for boosting her sales lol


  36. mistwalker

    ^^ @ kdude so true lol but this girl was moving units way before lol kanye just helped her name go more main stream especially in da hiphop & R&B arena personally i think to god it was a publicity stunt well pulled off, heck they was to many security round that stage and he still got on even though he was well known 4 his awards rage, as 4 her selling a million plus damm im not 2 surprised my baby moved i quote (the release sold 592,000 copies in the United States in its first week—the largest sum for a country album )…. end quote… 1st week half a million lol wat yall expect? quote continues (As of September 2010, the album has been certified 6x Platinum by the RIAA. SIX MILLION DAMM !!! source From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia my baby doing numbers

    lol @ JWEEZY u high thinking wayne is going 2 do a milli again dude came off mixtape hype ! get real im not a hater i like lil wayne but this dude seemes only 2 be lately shining when he does guests proformaces hes just like jay-z @ times gets lazy with his rap then 4 critics to chastize his ass both do it all da time its no wonder he lashed out on drop da world & no love, wtf does he expect ? lsadly lil wayne is partly responsible 4 so much garbage music in hip hop , just cant wait 4 sum quality music frm DR DRE & KANYE ! Taylor Swift keep da charts on lock down !! oh love that Back to December song


  37. cari s.

    T. Swift doesn’t make country music. She makes pop with some ‘country’ influences. Her stupid fans may tell you otherwise, but she makes hillbilly pop music which her fans (stupid teenagers) adore.

    And besides, if Nysnc has sunk into irrelevance, so will Swifty.


  38. Nini

    This is a joke right?


  39. JRODriguez

    Wow some of you call yourself music fans but your bashing on Lil Wayne? Music is music you may not get it or like it but you should never bash it. I think Taylor Swift is an amazing artist & in time she may be an icon. Lil Wayne sold a milli the first week in tha rap game! Which is a smaller sales group and given bootleg’s its something to be proud of still. Swifts got a larger fan base with country and pop backing her. Props to Swift and Weezy.


  40. xoxo

    You’re all just jealous.


  41. Dorothea Gattison

    hey… everybody.!.I really hope to gain some new good friends right here!


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