New Michael Jackson Album Due Dec. 14


The King of Pop is back. Over a year after Michael Jackson unexpectedly passed away, Epic Records and the Estate of Michael Jackson are gearing up to release his highly-anticipated new album Michael, composed of newly-completed songs.

The cover artwork, an oil painting by artist Kadir Nelson, displays some of the key moments and important people throughout the late legend’s life.

In anticipation of the project’s December 14 release, a teaser will appear tomorrow on, while fans can hear the first single “Breaking News” on Monday, November 8. The never-before-heard tune, recorded in New Jersey in 2007, will stream on the site for one week.

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  1. math_

    love the cover


  2. whatever

    me too, hope the music is hot too


  3. G

    I hope hold my hand ft akon is in the album


  4. thadundun

    looks really awesome! fit for a king!


  5. Eddy

    YESSSSS !!!!!


  6. G

    The oil painting is BEAUTIFUL.


  7. 250 MG

    It´s going to be amazing


  8. aura

    …wait…what time does ciara’s album come out….BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!…that is hilarious…she must’ve of thought that she would hold it down on her date, tried to avoid competition, and now she going head to head with the KING!!!!



  9. Rachel

    To be honest, I didn’t really like the cover… doesn’t feel like an official MJ album cover to me… doesn’t feel right. And what’s with the name just being MICHAEL? I mean, no subtitle or nothing.


  10. uu


    there is nothing else needed…he is, was, and always simply be…MICHAEL


  11. you

    mj is dead…people need to quit trying to cash in.


  12. FiddleB

    1. They are going to be cashing on his name forever. Its like their getting free money. They are not working..they are not doing anything productive. They are just getting some demos, add someone else new vocals, add a updated beat, and just put it together. Its so sad.

    2. Fans like me are going to eat this up…just like they want us to do. I hate the fact their doing this but…its michael…its like smoking…you know its bad for you but you do it anyway.

    3. This cover and title is not him. We all know Michael is selfless. He would never plaster himself all over his cover and title it Michael…smh.

    4. Ciara better push her album back more lol.


  13. elizabeth

    i will never ever forget michael jackson, he lives on forever and his music will never fadeaway love u and i always will am a great big fan of urs


  14. Eizabeth A

    am u mean the world to me the day i found out that you passed away(25 june 2009) i was crying in front of my television and praying you will get better, but i know it was the Lords doing that you are where you are. am happy that your in a better place :)



    i hope the record will be great


  16. Rachel


    This cover and title is not him. We all know Michael is selfless. He would never plaster himself all over his cover and title it Michael”

    I couldn’t agree with you more fiddle.


  17. K.K.

    Souless cover :(


  18. bob

    This album is gonig to be EPIC!!

    I have waited for nearly a decade for a new MJ album!


  19. Ghadora

    He is the best man ever I love him sooooooooooooooo much

    Ps.ilike the cover


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