New Music: Dr. Dre f/ Eminem & Skylar Grey – ‘I Need a Doctor’

Eminem and Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre and Eminem are back at it on the Alex Da Kid-produced “I Need a Doctor” featuring vocals from Alex’s Wonderland Music artist Skylar Grey. Unlike the chronic anthem “Kush” that leaked earlier this week, this darkly-shaded tune from Detox boasts a clobbering beat, with Dre’s protégé taking on the first two verses.

“You’re supposed to fu**ing be my mentor/ I can endure no more, I demand you remember who you are/ It was you who believed in me when everyone was telling you don’t sign me,” Em raps to a lost Dre, who follows with a verse reminiscing on meeting his signee for the first time.

Producer Alex Da Kid previously hinted at the big collabo, telling Rap-Up TV it would arrive before Christmas. “When it comes out, it will probably be the biggest song in the last 10 years,” he stated.

The Doctor is in.

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  1. EDrizzle

    easily…. Alex Da Kid has done it again


  2. Feenix21

    pretty good song…background is a bit loud in the beginning, kinda hard to hear em


  3. Donfeelip

    shit…I Cry i fuckin cry !!! this shit is tooo dope for my mind to realize it…shit !
    Ave DRE
    Ave Shady
    Ave Detox


  4. Yan

    sorry, but this is crap.


  5. dan21

    it suck


  6. Blaze

    this is not from Detox, it’s for Em’s re-release of Recovery


  7. Trigga

    That’s not Liz. It’s Skylar Grey. She’s signed to Alex The Kid. She also appears on the newest Dirty Money single.


  8. DETOX

    @Trigga, That is not Skylar. Clean your ears out.


  9. Toya

    This would be a good track if the levels weren’t so loud. But this sounds like a Eminem song to me because Em sounds like he’s the one leading. In all the Dre songs I’ve heard where Em is with him, Em is always the secondary (out of respect I’m sure). So it would be weird for him to be the primary on a Dre track now.


  10. Shady

    I dont think this is detox, but this song is fucking great to me. No wordplay, but spoken from the heart, both of them. Fuck haters!


  11. emye

    Dre still gat it…DOPE!!


  12. DrDreIsMyNigga

    I am hyped for this shit!


  13. pap-game

    The Lyrics Is Very Dope Buut The beat is preety Sick


  14. Pinoy

    Song is good but of course it’s not on Detox.


  15. Chronic 2001

    lol at all the clueless people saying this is not from detox. just wait.


  16. DJNow

    alex da kid was not kidding.
    this song is the dopest songs out of dre’s and e’ms collabs.

    much love for DETOX and possible “RE-RECOVERY”
    keep kickin ass em and dre


  17. jhuntdaprodigy

    Well, it sounded pretty good, the hook, beat, and everything, but if this is supposed to be “The biggest song in the last ten years” then I am very underwhelmed by it…


  18. Sadem

    Simply Amazing


  19. stargate

    I hope the mix & master will be better on the final version.
    But so far a pretty sick song.


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  21. Mii

    The Quality is Garbage but from the sounds of this record its a Hit
    by the way…
    Is This for Detox or the Re-Release of Recovery?


  22. smantha evermore

    AdK is right -& this is beyond the stratosphere! Can’t wait to hear this on something besides a computer!


  23. michael

    Just so you know blaze, this song is not from Refill. It is confirmed to be on Detox!


  24. totz

    im getting tired of hearing the same concept hook type and beat 4rm alex da kid/eminem collab
    airplane 2,love the way you lie, now this samething over and over again


  25. terrymistac

    This is HipHop ….. Period! BodY, Mind,Heart And Soul On This Record!!


  26. sidmo

    detox better be as siick as all the hype is making it out to be, or else i’mma go ape shit. haha i love this song, the mixing could be better, but it’s got a single written all over it. it’s deffo better than that bullshit with akon.


  27. andrewlongworth

    This is highly disappointing if it it a leaked detox track. Absolutely terrible, what have you done Dre?


  28. Bibaz

    Man, this is it… This is crazy!!!
    GR8 SOng…


  29. Ann26

    Great song! a liked the singing of chorus and Em’s part is amazin’ and the beat is very emotional .. really cool!


  30. Gordon

    To those who say this is terrible you might need to check that you actually have a heartbeat.
    I think this is the second song in my life that has made me cry.
    Incredible song.


  31. dean morgan

    unbelievable , jaw dropping song , em and dre are the best out there am i rite ?? i think so !!


  32. Tex

    yan and dan don’t know crap about rap…fam, you need to stop with the dumb talk.

    This song is easily one of the concept songs in the past 10 years


  33. Joe



  34. Drefan since 91

    Average “Kush” and this corny song both on Detox?!?!?!?
    Damn, big chance Detox’s gonna be the biggest letdown in hip hop history.


  35. Llandel

    This will go down as a classic believe me when I say this! Skylar Grey has a great voice & I can’t wait for her & Dr. Dre album’s to b out, also Eminem goes hard & the video is f**kin’ dope!


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