New Music: Diddy-Dirty Money f/ Swizz Beatz – ‘Ass on the Floor’

Ass on the Floor

Swizz Beatz hits the dance floor on this week’s installment of Monster Mondays, releasing the upbeat joint “Ass on the Floor” featuring Diddy-Dirty Money. With pounding drums and glittery synthesizers, the banger heavily features Dirty Money’s Dawn and Kalenna, with Diddy popping up to drop a verse later in the song. “When you in the club, get your ass on the floor/ Them haters can’t tell me nothing,” raps an undaunted Swizzy on the chorus.

Diddy-Dirty Money f/ Swizz Beatz – “Ass on the Floor”

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  1. LW fan

    Smashing !


  2. Trey

    Dirty Money hasn’t disappointed me yet……Unbelievable…. good job Diddy for making great music yo!!!!!


  3. megan

    it was hard till diddy started speaking and fucked it all up


  4. jeremydante

    i really like the progressive production. but what are the long term goals for dirty money?! like, we know how quickly diddy loses momentum with musical projects balancing as much as he does all the time.

    after this group has run it’s course, what will happen to dawn & kaleen? diddy will always sustain, but what about the others involved.


  5. Music Fan 103

    Diddy – Dirty Money is the shit! I can’t wait til the train leaves!!! I already bought my copy on! aye!


  6. Cassive

    This is nice, sounds a bit like ‘Pon Di Floor’ by Major Lazer.


    Amelia Reply:

    @Cassive, i totally agree…thought i was da only person who heard dat..who’s fault? Swizz?


  7. Dave

    I love Dirty Money, their album will truly be EPIC! They only left me in a sour taste 1st & that was with the 1st single/release of “Angel”, after that point they’ve had me locked down in the headlocks since. This song is ok though. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Dawn & Kaleena need to really show off their range instead of being background vocalist on these songs. They can both SANG! Come on nah..


  8. Adrian



  9. L.B

    Im loving this hit too….keep them coming…Im excited to hear more…Sean I hear you loud and clear baby!!!..This is perfect for the club too….I dont know about you all…But to see people come to the club and hold up the wall…lol..When ur in the club get ur ASS on the dance floor!!!dont you agree..follow the beat!!!Luving this



    It’s fireeeeeeeeee i been heard it i love it more than I’m cuming home can’t wait 4 this c.d !!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. joey

    i heard this on hot 97 like two weeks ago being mixed. and i almost got in a accident cause i was like loosing my mind in the car. and i couldnt find it! now i can lose my mind some more


  12. Meme

    @Megan Imma have to agree with you!!

    @jeremydante Dirty Money was a group Diddy put together just for the album LTTP it was not meant to be a long-term thing. The girls are suppose to do their solo things after everything assocaited with the LTTP is done with.

    As for the song, I really like it. It’s good to hear the whole song instead of the radio rip that Ive had for a while now.


  13. chad

    man i love this song. I love dawn and kaleena finally won me over with this song. And i dont know i like diddy’s part maybe cuz of the background music behind him it sound emotionally epic if that make since like you can sit and make an ugly face and just glide to the beat.


  14. Teezy

    i dont like diddys verse…i think it should be called just dirty money please diddy leave that diddy part…the girls should get more credits


  15. Teezy

    btw dats a ugly and weird singlecover…


  16. anna

    @Cassive, I was thinking the same thing. The beginning does sound alittle like “Pon De Floor” by Vybez Kartel. I like it though :)


  17. Derek

    It’s “Pon de Floor” by Major Lazer and it sounds like that song because it samples it. Swizz said so on Twitter.


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