New Music: Mario – ‘Black and Yellow (Remix)’


Joining the ranks of Trey Songz, T-Pain, Maino, and more, Mario hangs up his vocals and raps on Wiz Khalifa’s hit “Black and Yellow.” The “Break Up” singer waxes bars about living his life right and handling his own business. “She a bad bitch/ The kind you want to marry/ And she got attitude/ Bittersweet, Halle Berry,” rhymes Mario over the spindly beat. Listen to him switch gears below.

Mario – “Black and Yellow (Remix)”

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  1. A.d.

    the dude needs to grow his hair, i cant take him seriously with that egg head right now


  2. YEAH



  3. mmmm..

    ummm….i agree with A.D and idk what to say about him rapping =/


  4. YEAH

    he should sung the whole thing…


  5. Terry-Andre

    . . . . I guess it was cool. It wasn’t the worst.


  6. RAH RAH

    This wasn’t bad.


  7. jeremydante

    not really feeling it.
    the rap seems forced.


  8. honeybun

    it wasnt bad but im not feeling it


  9. jiz

    stick to singin nigga-shits trash


  10. ike turner

    what does this momma beater doin here?


  11. T.I. Supporter

    @ike turner f#ck off


  12. RES

    Should’ve called it black and blue, dedicated to the beatdown he gave his mom


  13. yeesh.

    noooooooooooo he suits singing n tune :’@


  14. T.BoY

    Look it’s—Waynehead!!.. I’m sorry…lol I just had to get that out.


  15. YEAHyea

    he did not beat his mother, she was lying
    Mario doesn’t beat women/woman only Fist Brown does and Ike Turner and a few others…


  16. LMAO

    @ his head!


  17. LMAO

    damn, cover that head already!


  18. straight out

    Get your facts straight….IT is his apartment!! His mom has been on drugs for as long as he has been alive. He did a reality show on TV showing his mom’s lengthy drug abuse history. Maybe he caught her doing drugs again or something. But she definitely lives off of him and with him. She has already cost him so much in his life!!!!


  19. musiq_critique

    his personal life has nothing to do with how bad this song was……

    Rap-Up, yall look foolish for posting this..AND that damn pic of him


  20. Bri'Anna

    i love me some trey songz and fabulous because they are sexy and fine. i am 13 and i love you so much, please get better because i hate to see you in a hospital from the car accident. GOD BLESS YOU and your mom and your two brothers. hugs and kisses. Ohh wait i wanted to remind you that you are very respectful to women and that your mother raised you lovely, you are a total sweet heart please stay that way and you 100 percent sure have a baby face i love you so much happy 2011, be safe.


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