Review Roundup: Keri Hilson – ‘No Boys Allowed’

No Boys Allowed

Keri Hilson is only looking for men on her sophomore album No Boys Allowed, recruiting an all-male cast including J. Cole, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Nelly. After capturing viewers’ attention with her confidence booster “Pretty Girl Rock” and arresting video for “The Way You Love Me,” Miss Keri is ready to reclaim the spotlight. How did she stack up with the critics the second time around? Find out below.

Entertainment Weekly: Keri Hilson broke out of the hook-singer pack with her bubbly 2009 hit “Knock You Down,” but this zigzagging sophomore disc, No Boys Allowed, suggests she’s not quite sure where to go next. B-

The New York Times: Ms. Hilson’s own records aren’t tipping toward bona fide dance music as much as Rihanna’s, and don’t yet have their audience-strafing sweep. But a few songs here are good enough to stop the overthinking comparisons.

USA Today: Given Hilson’s record as a hit-shaping tunesmith for other stars, in fact, it’s ironic how little of her own voice comes through on this set of smart and pleasurable but mostly disposable pop-soul candy. 2.5 out of 4

Los Angeles Times: With executive producers Timbaland and Polow Da Don at the helm, No Boys Allowed often sounds like lipstick on a pig. There’s no song that cruises with the chrome-rattling confidence of “Turnin’ Me On”; instead, nearly every song is cluttered with as much textural filigree as possible to distract from the absence of narcotic radio hooks. 2 out of 4

Newsday: Considering all the support she gets on No Boys Allowed, Hilson is practically the female Drake, and she doesn’t fail, either. B+

Boston Herald: Despite Hilson’s positive, strong-woman stance, middling cuts about being in love, loving and losing, and never going back don’t exactly feel fresh. B-

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Buyou,” “Pretty Girl Rock,” “Lose Control (Let Me Down),” “All the Boys”

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  1. Dizzle

    WoW female drake :O …big compliment there!


  2. @lukasfakhouri

    that’s an amazing album! congratulations keri!


  3. ugurekin

    Lose Control (Let Me Down) def would b a single nelly killed it !!


  4. Luke

    Keri really surprised me with this one! I think she delivered! Love it!


  5. jennifer f

    lets go out and support music…NO BOYS ALLOWED


  6. Huh?

    I LOVE Keri’s Album but Lose Control is a complete Rihanna Rip Off


  7. *(SHE'zADIvABUtIMtHAtBItCh)*


    And when did Rihanna have beats and sounds that were her trade mark?……Try again….


  8. brian B...

    I love that she keeps it RNB, that’s what I loved bout her debut, I don’t like the girl but I looove her music. And Lose Control’s beat sounds like Teamo’s.. It’s not a rip off, it just sounds similar, lose control is a better track in my opinion, just like deuces was a better track than Teamo


  9. harvey

    Lose Contral was produced by StarGate thats why It kinda sounds like Rude boy.


  10. harvey

    But NBA should do awesome with her Massive Promo campaigh nd the fast hit of Pretty Girl Rock keri should pull I think at #3 a spot higher than her first cause,It was released a day ahead some how at walmart.


  11. lostonez

    i’m sittin here listenin 2 my NBA cd and its sounds good so far so i think yall should go out der n cop the cd


  12. infamous

    To me, this album is a major disappointment. In A Perfect World was so much better.


  13. oso_jo_o

    I still didn’t listen to it!
    but I LOVED the snippets SO MUCH!
    people should buy it, it’s amazing!


  14. tyler

    Clearly they are haters. Keri only got 1 song that sound like it could be a possible rihanna track and thats lose control

    could you possibly here rihanna sing.

    1 night stand
    pretty girl rock
    breaking point
    all the boys
    so good
    gimme what i want

    lmfaoo at that epic fail. i just bought this album 5 times. i love keri


  15. Huh?

    But i can Hear Rihanna singing Bahm Bahm & doing it better with her cute Carribean Accent


  16. harvey(Keri's #1 male fan)

    Uh what yall waitin for go buy it on Itunes Keyshia Cole with no hit or billboard 100 tryna bet Keri she’s #9 nd Keyshia #6 wake up keri stans includeing me and lets get her to the top.


  17. harvey(Keri's #1 male fan)

    #8 on itunes get it keri;)


  18. YEAH

    maybe that’s why some of rihanna fans/stans like Keri’s album so much becuz we can see her singing some of the songs.

    Like I can see Rih singing Toy Soldier
    Lose Control sounds like Te Amo
    Bahm Bahm = Man Down
    I mean they’re some similarities, but us Rihanna stans don’t hate Keri Hilson like we do Cerror :)


  19. me

    i love the album keri!! its the shit!


  20. tyler

    rap up did yall like any of the deluxe tracks?

    there are actually 17 songs

    1. buyou
    2. pretty girl rock
    3. the way you love me
    4. bahm bahm
    5. one night stand
    6. lose control
    7. toy soldier
    8. breaking point
    9. beautiful mistake
    10. gimme what i want
    11. all the boys
    12. pretty girl rock remix

    Bonus Tracks
    13. hustler
    14. lie to me
    15. wont be long
    16. so good
    17. fearless

    this album is phenominal


  21. Lets Get it

    Keri is currently #8 on itunes top albums lets get her to atleast #3 idk how Keyshia Cole and Jamie Foxx are ahead. Go on Itunes NOW and buy the album.


  22. Hard Work Pays Off

    This album did not disappoint you can listen to every song without skipping a track absolutely no album fillers. Keri Hilson is an incredibly talented artist she can go from singing on a club record to a ballad and kill it equally just amazing. This is Keri’s best album i like it better than In a Perfect World because it shows her growth as an artist her songs have much more potential to be top 10 hits.


    chasliz Reply:

    @Hard Work Pays Off, i so agree with you. This ablum was the best album of 2010. It was definitely better than her first album.


  23. Lexus

    Lose control is a complete Te Amo/Whats My Name/ Rude Boy rip off. And no it’s not the producer’s fault seeing as they didn’t force it on Keri. Stargate has done millions of beats but the only Carribean sounding ones they’ve done are for Rihanna.
    Plus Bahm Bahm = Z Grade Man Down.
    But it’s whatever, cos Keri’s album is pretty solid. Cheers to her.


  24. Crazy Stans can go kill themselves

    Lmfao ciaras album only sold 37,000 copies u should have seen the stans on twitter yesterday going crazy one chick said she was going to hang herself and that she bought 100 copies of ciaras album to help her out and she went broke lmfaoooo. Too funny. Im so glad Keri doesnt have crazy stans like that smh.


  25. ME

    @lexus so there a common denominator between all these songs. Stargate and they always try to milk a hit with sound alike this one probly won’t be the last Irreplaceable (With You, Tattoo, I Need A Girl) Sexy Love ( Hate to Love You). and there siganture sound So Sick (Take A Bow, Wait for you, Can’t help but wait, Bye Bye and Etc.)
    Stargate is hardly orginal the industy is use to it and we have to get you to it to.

    And Keri’s Album is a downgrade from the last. Disappointment!!


  26. queen beyonce



  27. retarded riri

    Stopping by the Angie Martinez show last night, Rihanna appeared aware of the looming low numbers (and the flack she may receive for it), saying:
    “Never have I ever stressed out on the first week. Ever since ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’, the first week was like 16,000, and it grew to sell half million albums. The first week never determines what the success of the album will be.”


  28. I dont get it

    Lol Newsday forced it they said the female Drake that makes no sense what so ever Keri doesnt even rap lmao.


  29. king

    dis bitch tryin to be like rihanna bad she take rihanna 09 look now dis


  30. Nikki J.

    I absolutely LOVE the album. CONGRATS KERI!!!


  31. 2nips

    also Loose control was written by Ester Dean who wrote rude boy and Whats my name.


  32. king

    oh rihanna is better than her and dis album will flop i would cop female in the game








  35. Julian

    I’m loving “All the Boys” right now! Definitely a stand-out track!


  36. chrystel

    female drake????? NAHH!
    But i will say she is steppin in the right direction becomin more solidified. needless to say she could fall off the face of the earth and the music industry wouldnt be missin disrespect but the idea is to get better.. and she doin that!


  37. iLoveRihanna

    keri is performing Hustler on 106&Park today


  38. davyd69

    I love this albumand i will hear it many times just a little less hook up than in a perfect world ||| :)


  39. DEErockstarr

    I disagree with the praise the album is getting. The only good songs on this album, IMO, were the singles and the Pretty Girl Rock remix, minus Breaking Point. I honestly sat down and listened to this album, but I got bored with it. I’m more upset how she cut Lil’ Kim from Buyou (aka Buy You). I mean, the marketing writes it self: a single about getting money with a female R&B heavyweight and a female rap/hip-hop legend. Come on Keri. Sorry, NBA does not warrant a purchase from me. I’m going with Calling All Hearts on this one.


  40. ikridroc

    whats with the Caribbean inspired songs which i love but not suitable for keri’s voice..i see americans is swagger jacking that rihanna caribbean swag hehe


  41. musicluver

    This album is garbage!!!!!!!!!!Do not be fooled and do not waste your hard earned money on it. Keri needs to sit all the way down. I used to be a fan.


  42. king

    go buy rihanna album loud best album of the year


  43. Alex K

    I loved In a Perfect World. This album…ugh. Maybe it will grow on me, but it’s not doing much for me right now. There’s nothing like Turnin’ Me On, Knock You Down, Energy, or Get Your Money Up.


  44. ugurekin

    “on the way you’re shakin your anus” nelly (he ripped on lose control)


  45. Kyle

    I sort of agree with Entertainment Weekly’s review. I like a bunch of the songs but it’s sort of all over the place. It lacks some of the strong songs that were on “In A Perfect World,” such as the sensual, slower songs. It will grow on me and I still really like Keri’s approach. I’ll always support her.


  46. I

    Lipstick on a pig ^^


  47. Annoyed

    @ikridroc– please remember tht americans are of al flavors we may not be directly from ya country but we have much in our blood so we ain’t jockin nothin thts already within…


  48. Conor

    I hope this album does well, I agree that it’s not as strong as In A Perfect World (which was world class, every song a potential hit!) But It is a great sophmore effort, I can see a few potential hits on this, 1. Buyou 2. Lose Control 3. Toy Soldier 4. Beautiful Mistake & The way you love me, could be a grower like Pretty Girl Rock was, I mean that was released in October and it’s only just got onto the Billboard Hot 100. But watch this space, the album is a grower, I wasn’t too sure at first but I’m liking it a lot more (I’m still listening to IAPW but hey!) And all ya’ll Keri haters, leave this post, get a life, seriously all you are, are keyboard warriors what have you achieved in your lives???…….Peace!


  49. MalawiKeriFan

    It’s funny how Ciara fans are still going on about her when she bombed. Be mature and lose gracefully. Keri sold 102k in her first week. 8k more than her debut. Those who think IAPW was better, don’t blame you. But that album had a specific type of fans. NBA is more diverse. I read a comment saying Bahm Bahm is the worst and another saying it’s the best. There is a song for almost everyone on this album and that’s what makes it better than her debut. I agree that she should have thought over Breaking Point as a single. I personally love it but could tell it wouldn’t get far. When I first heard The Way You Love Me, I thought wtf is this. She had me nervous for a while but having gotten the album I’m convinced she’s heading in the right direction. All you haters are hating just to hate. ‘get yourself together don’t hate(never do it)’. Buyou is gangsta, PGR grows on you and so does Bahm Bahm, One Night Stand may just get you all hot and bothered, Lose Control is a definite hit, Toy Soldier is fly, Beautiful Mistake is one to make you sigh, Gimmie What I Want makes me wanna move and All The Boys just goes straight to your heart. This album is way worth the trouble. Even the bonus tracks are sexy. Funny how my least favourite bonus track is Fearless yet some of you its the best. I love Lie To Me, Hustler mellows me down, Won’t Be Long doesn’t try too hard thus it’s refreshing and So Good reminds me of my home Africa. And if you don’t like it, just buy it to go burn it:P


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