Soul Singer Teena Marie Dies at 54

Teena Marie

Teena Marie, aka the “Ivory Queen of Soul,” has passed away at the age of 54. The soul songstress, known for songs such as “Lovergirl,” “Square Biz,” and “Fire and Desire,” was found dead at her California home on Sunday (Dec. 26).

Marie’s manager, Mike Gardner, confirmed her death to CNN. While the cause of death is currently unknown, a rep for the singer tells the network that Marie suffered a grand mal seizure a month ago.

The four-time Grammy nominee, born Mary Brockert, was Motown’s first white female act and the protégé of the late Rick James. She made her debut in 1979 with the album Wild and Peaceful and went on to release 13 studio albums throughout her career. Widely embraced by the African-American audience, she issued two albums through Cash Money Classics, with her most recent studio effort Congo Square arriving in June 2009.

Marie is survived by her 19-year-old daughter Alia Rose, who discovered her mother in bed after apparently dying in her sleep.

How will you remember Teena Marie? Share your favorite moments below.

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  1. AJC

    RIP :(


  2. YEAH



  3. ahhhh



  4. A Realist

    My God this is sad. :( Such a great talent.


  5. John Moore

    RIP Tenna Marie… We will miss you…


  6. Maggie

    Teena Marie you will always be missed and i hope that your daughter will carry on your music just like you. r i p beautiful angel .


  7. Keshia

    I just jumped on the net and this was the first thing I saw like omg are you serious?! Ms. T my mother used to play all those oldies back in the day when she would clean the house and sure enough I grew up to your voice, she as well as the rest of the world will be saddened to hear this. R. I. P. Don’t know the cause, but you are a true angel, in a much better place God Bless.


  8. SC Girl

    I am so shocked to hear this. Teena was one of my all time favorite female singers. We always seem to lose great celebrities around the holidays. RIP Teena, we will miss your beautiful, soulful voice.


  9. In Total Focus

    I remember being honored to see her her perform in the 80′s as well as just recently at Leimert Part a few years back….got a chance to meet her there…Very very sad news…she was a vibrant energetic performer on and off the stage…..Must have been awful and traumatic for the daughter to find her…….RIP Teena Marie


  10. Carmen

    Sad, RIP, God Bless you. Very talented artist, just loved her music…


  11. Star

    Lady T and Rick James are reunited singing “Fire & Desire”. May you both rest in peace and know that you have left a mark on this earth, that many try to imitate but will never come close. Bless your children and all loved ones left here, but rejoice knowing they are together once again!!! True love prevails…….


  12. Nait Phoenix

    OMG, that’s too shocking. 54!? RIP. :(


  13. samara

    she had a wonderful voice and she will be missed. she sent the tone for white women in the r&b and sould genre she has made her impact


  14. LaRue

    She shocked everyone this past summer when she ‘turned out’ the Macy’s Music Festival…
    What a performer that will not soon be forgotten…


  15. Tina Marie Pollard

    I will remember Teena Marie as “The Other Tina Marie” as we used to refer to one another during our Venice High School days! Teena (then Mary Brockert) and I stared in our High School Musical “Carousel” together and stayed in contact since high school! I used to tease her that she stole my name to reach fame, but she rightfully deserved and earned tha fame!!! Teena was the sweetest, most down to earth girl and for her little shorty size she had a huge heart of gold! When we were in high school she would make me laugh so hard that we were both about to pee out pants in the classroom! I am so shocked and so devastated at this news, I just saw her in September at the LA County Fair and we just laughed all over again about our high school days, the massive food fight she instigated in the cafeteria one day, and her job at “Pup’n Taco” in my neighborhood, now Taco Hell (bell) – OMG, we were about to pee our pants laughing at the food fight again at 54 years old! Rest in peace my sweet friend, and Thank You for making high school memories for me! I will never forget you, and always keep you in my heart! Love you always!


  16. Dennis Engalla

    She was a creative genius she wrote, sang, produce and played all her music. She is the last of her kind of the creative artist of that era that wrote melodic melodies with hooks that caught your attention because they were done so beautifully and melodicaly.She lost her father at a very young age and she is now reunited with him. She is an inspiration to musicians and music lovers for her fresh sound. Her legacy to the world is her music. In her one of her songs “Art is long and life is short” she will alway be remembered as a major contributor to world of music. She was truly blessed by God with the give of music.


  17. INEZ



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  19. lostonez

    damn damn damn..this really caught me off guard i mean i didnt know he songs that much but the ones i knew they was so good for the soul..another angel went home god rest her soul


  20. Jorge I

    RIP to the late Teena Marie, U WILL be truly missed. Just a sad day for Music overall, I can’t believe this happend, I remember when my mom introduced me to Rick James music and then showed me the Mary Jane Girls and fell in love with them, but we all know she is in a better place now. This 17 year old boy says thank you for everything you did for music! RIP to Rick James too and all the other great artists that are not here :(


  21. viciuzurban

    wow just wow. r.i.p. phenomenal voice


  22. jacque

    Teena you are the best, You got my sister & I through alot of heartaches and pain, when we broke up with are boyfriends. Back in the day.It was like you really knew what we were going through.Your songs have the perfect words for whatever we were feeling.Thank you. My boys grew up listening to you. Everybody that knows me knows that Teena Marie is My girl. The Baddest white girl in the world when it comes to R&B. Your fans will never forget you. We will miss you & your concerts…..okay Young Loves Keep your Irons in the fire, and yes it can be Love, Just tell your Dear Lover that you are is Lover girl. And you want some fire and desire. Oolala.
    R.I.P Teena Marie


  23. ughreally

    May her daughter be blessed and find comfort in this time.

    And thanks @Tina Marie Pollard for sharing those memories.


  24. Jeff Garlington

    WOW…I’ve been listening to the sweet sounds of Lady T. since the early 1980′s! It’s hard to believe that she’s gone…what an amazing talent..she will be missed!


  25. Brionna



  26. tony 2

    i was blessed to witness this small woman with this powerful voice live in concert here in atlanta,ga in 1999 and she blew me away love all her albums, was looking forward to seeing her again live in concert on new years day with maze, will truly be missed, rip…….


  27. Teena marie Dies At 54

    [...] aka the “Ivory Queen of Soul,” has passed away at the age of 54. The soul songstress, known for songs such as “Lovergirl,” “Square Biz,” and “Fire and Desire,” was found dead at her [...]

  28. An0thrNight272

    RIP I loved her music!


  29. tann

    I am deeply devistated over the lost of MY hero Teena Marie. As other fans have reported sadden over the loss, of the legendary “Ivory Queen of soul”.
    SINCE DAY ONE I haved been inspired by Teena’s music and many years following;ironically we became friends…a dream come true!
    We shared goodtimes, holidays, bday partys w/kids hers and mine,we shared life stories and we partied too….nobody rocked the spot like she did! All my friends know…”if u want to treat yourself go seeTeena live” is what I would say. Thank you T for being yourself….and for all the musical memories you created. You made’em know! U know I will never forget about you…peace


  30. Leon

    Oh, how I’m going to miss you Lady T. Loved you and your compositions.


  31. LaMont

    OMG this so sad.I grew up listening to her music,she is so talented and gifted.R.I.P. Teena Marie you will be truly missed.


  32. Lolsmileyface

    R.I.P. TEENA!!
    Praying for her family<3


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    [...] Soul Singer Teena Marie Dies at 54 ( [...]

  34. Nathaniel Brandon "Nate" Harris

    Dear, Rap-Up
    I am totally sorry about. Rick James female friend.
    Teena Marie & I’m sorry for teena & I got her last.
    Album ladonna that means. The ivory of soul had a
    bunch of hits from the 80′s & 90′s liked. Square biz, DeJaVu, Love thang & her duet with.Rick James
    I’m your sucker for love from 1979. & she left motown to epic records/CBS,inc. Or Sony Music Entertainment,inc. with lovergirl was a pop hit.
    For teena. But I going to get a.GED and i can invade
    the music business when i get 46 years old.
    & I will decated a song for.Teena Marie after her
    death & I loved you.Teena signed [email protected]


  35. A Fan Who Respect and Understand Her Music. B.J.Mc.

    December 27, 2010
    Teena was always a Queen that was before her time and will truly be miss. I’ve never met her in person, but I could see that special something in her eyes when I saw her on TV and hear the passion in her voice for her music when she song. Sing on Teena sing on. She’s gone home now to sing in Gods choir. I will always remember her and find peace and beauty in her music. May God Bless You With Ever Lasting Life in His Home. Lady T. gone to soon.

    And for your daughter Alia: Find the Faith and keep that Faith for God will always Bless you. Stay strong and know that God will guide you through the rough times. Never forget that God is always at your side Alia Rose never forget it.

    And for the fans keep Lady T. and her family in our prays to help them stay strong.


  36. Kyle

    That’s terrible. I have never really gotten into Teena Marie’s music but I know she has had a big influence on some of the current soul singers of today. R.I.P.


  37. Dillon_68

    I saw people posting her stuff on facebook, but to find out she’s dead is heartbreaking. RIP, I loved your music Teena.


  38. edward

    This Is Crazy I Feel Lost At This Time That’s Crazy Soul Singer Teena Marie dies.Rip,She will be missed i love here music my hreat goes out to her family.


  39. kani k



  40. henry



  41. Tera

    DAAAAAM!!!! Teena Marie was in a class ALL by herself. She had pipes that could save lives. I love my R&B, don’t get it twisted! There are very few songtresses that could touch her, FOR REAL!!, of any race. She will sorely be missed.


  42. George Cornejo

    always played her music takes me back in the days firme memories of her music certain song just reminds you of certain moments never forget her beautiful voice big loss enormous loss but heaven is just got an angel love you tina marie fan for life


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