Eminem to Return to the Big Screen


Eminem is ready for his close-up. Having conquered the charts with last year’s best-selling album Recovery, the Detroit rapper is following up his starring role in 2002’s 8 Mile with his first foray on the big screen in almost a decade.

According to NYMag.com’s Vulture, Em will star in the upcoming crime thriller Random Acts of Violence, produced by his Shady Films associates Paul Rosenberg and Stuart Parr. The Grand Theft Auto-inspired script, which is being compared to The Town and The Departed, focuses on an ex-con fresh out of prison, with his old gang trying to coax him back on their team and the FBI trying to use him as a pawn to capture the criminals.

Instead of choosing sides, the ex-con tries to pit them against one another to exact revenge on those who initially put him behind bars. Violence is still in development, but director David Von Ancken (Showtime’s “Californication”) will most likely helm the pic.

Are you excited for Eminem’s return to the big screen? Let us know!

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  1. TheDimplePuppet

    Sure why not 8 Mile was pretty good.


  2. EmsFaveFan

    What about that “Southpaw” thing?
    But I’m so happy he’s doing some more big screen, he’s an amazing actor. Keep it up Marshall.


  3. Brian Westervelt

    helll yesss i am, em is a good actor as well as the best rapper of all time…thats alive, weeezy n him needa continue making music tht shit is EPIC!!!


  4. imeafk

    i need the southpaw movie… i was excited… idk about this… but they also said he’ll be on shady talons or whatever… i dont believe nothing no more… lets se…


  5. Polec Alexandru

    HELL F***ing YEAH…i can`t wait to see him again on the big screen…8 miles was so f***ing great..and Em did a great job too,i hope i`ll see that movie:D


  6. Toya

    I like this story better than that Soutpaw idea. There are enough boxing movies. Rocky wannabes.

    While this idea sounds interesting (I loved “The Town” and “The Departed”), I’ll pass on all the Eminem movie speculation for now since he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to make another film.


  7. Phatboy

    when does it come out


  8. Toya

    I guess I can believe this film project. It’s on CNN’s website and for some reason, I believe what they post.


  9. tones

    Well I love any and every thing Eminem does, so I know for a fact I will love this film if it’s made.


  10. Heminem

    This will be film of the year.
    Hopefully he will win an Academy Award for the film.


  11. dean

    helll fukkkin yeahhhh , bring it on slim …


  12. Prashant

    Hey its a g8 news for Em fans…. When is the release date?


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