Lupe Fiasco Preps ‘Controversial’ Single

Lupe Fiasco

As Lupe Fiasco gets closer and closer to his Lasers album release, he’s chosen a second single that should get people talking.

The Chicago rapper stopped by Providence’s Hot 106, where he made the announcement. “The next single is a song called ‘Words I Never Said,’” he revealed of the follow-up to “The Show Goes On.” “It’s gonna be really big. It’s a big, controversial record.”

Lupe has worked with The Neptunes, Kane Beatz, Soundtrakk, and The Buchanans on the oft-delayed album. After a public dispute with his label Atlantic Records last year, the disc was finally given a release date of March 8.

UPDATE: The track was produced by “Love the Way You Lie” hitmaker Alex Da Kid.

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  1. YEAH

    Wow can’t wait Lupe <3


  2. Wasalu

    i’m pumped!


  3. Sadem

    im not


  4. Gladis



  5. Dillon_68

    Never been huge on Lupe, but he caught my attention with “The Show Goes On”. Can’t wait for this one.


  6. Keith

    I wonder what this single sounds…..I believe it’s gon be great!


  7. Mr Xclusive

    it will suck, this guy sucks


  8. Jayleon

    I hope he trying to make a statement and not just to get more pablicity


  9. BrionnaTeamMinaj

    i hope i like it


  10. Dave



  11. Ashley

    Ah, Lupe always suprises me! I can’t wait! The ‘Show Goes On’ was an ok track. I hope the next one is greater! I hope it’s the song where he says “Ima keep it cool and ima do me
    It is what it is and it’s how its goin’ to be
    Until I get there, until I get there
    And yea I could fall, I know i’m not perfect
    But all the ups and downs will soon be worth it
    When I get there, when I get there ” That would be awesome. I really want that song to leak already.


  12. Wasalu

    hahaha whats with all the haters on here…this site is for people who love music…not pussies who enjoy criticizing other people


  13. GRRRR



  14. Beystanbish

    He probably gonna out people in the so called ‘illuminati’ Since black people has just gotten to know that word. Lol I’m black by the way.


  15. jhuntdaprodigy

    Lupe sucks? I’m not even a hardcore Lupe fan or nun, and I know that statement is dumb as f**k. I’m interested to hear this controversial single though


  16. Fool

    i know its gonna be good i really haven’t ever heard anything bad from him he always delivers


  17. edgar

    okay for the fool who says LUPE SUCKS? Must be the most dumbesttttt dude since waka flocka sain lebron is better then MJ lol This is why hip-hop is not relevant anymore cuz of idiots who listen to Rihanna and Rap Nicki’s lyrics in the whip of their car lmaooooooo in my words “EPIC FAIL” lupe is the realest him J cole Nas Jay Kanye Banks and Buddens are the only real dudes left


  18. Yonis

    Lupe? Controversial?

    This is going to be big. Anyones who’s a real fan knows “the show goes on” wasn’t great, but he did that just to keep the record label happy. I think lupe is definietly top 3 rappers alive. This single is gonna be like a mind grenade.

    Fnf Up.


  19. Usman

    I agree 100% with Yonis’s comment. At least I hope it’s better than Show Goes On. Honestly, as a fan, I’m afraid of the entire album sounding like that.


  20. Jason

    It’s going to be huge, and make people wake up and say what???? If you thought Lupe’s lyrics spoke the truth before, you haven’t heard nothing yet. If you think Lupe’s sucks, you’re probably too dumbed-down to understand what he’s saying in his lyrics. He’s super Lupe lyrical. Lupe = GOAT. For a preview of the song (without a beat) he gave a teaser at Drexel University a while back.


  21. Me

    A real Lupe fan hooked off at the show goes on because that song was crap compared to his earlier ones. I’m not that syked for this one.


  22. Allseein

    Shukran Allah for brutha Lupe…………..


  23. Mahdi

    “A lot of figga’s… be playing the fool
    And I ain’t having that *hit like prayin’ in school
    I’m gonna keep more tool’s than true values
    That I know how to use I don’t need “how to’s”
    Figga’s don’t believe they can bleed or bruise
    That’s why solo Figgas always leave in two’s
    Weed and booze I’ll-have Figga’s leaking from wounds
    Ain’t no coming back home Mom’s leasing your room”


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