Alicia Keys Presents at Golden Globes

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys hobnobbed with Hollywood A-listers at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills on Sunday evening (Jan. 16). The new mom, resplendent in a red one-shoulder gown, took the night off from caring for her three-month-old son Egypt Daoud Dean to attend with husband Swizz Beatz.

She introduced Best Motion Picture nominee Black Swan, which was one of her favorite movies of the past year. “Have you seen Black Swan?….Whoa!!!!! Thats a mind blower….Shot so beautifully! one of those movies that wrap u up. Love Natalie Portman!” she tweeted.

Watch Alicia’s return to the stage below.

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  1. Gladis

    Such a beautiful woman, love her.


  2. Hold it against me

    has been


  3. Curtrock

    Using the name of a new Britney song as a handle? you’re a clown and a hater=please sit down.


  4. Kim

    Beautiful, Alicia is such a class act one of the few MUSICIANS that is really loved and respected by hollywood.


  5. kisha

    very pretty!


  6. Anne

    Alicia has it all beauty,brain,compassion,intellect,and arms wide enough to embrace the world.Oh you are so inspiring.


  7. Taty

    Stunning and classy as always. Love the sound of her speaking voice too!

    It’s funny that someone would call her a has been, when I was just thinking about how Speechless, the free song she released as a gift to her fans, is getting more radio play than some actual singles. Makes me laugh. Doesn’t sound like a has been to me.


  8. Hold it against me

    she is so smart that she made a kid with a hamster looking z list celeb…and I’m sure that the acne on her forhead in BEYOND wonderful


    Karen Reply:

    @Hold it against me, Alicia is beautiful, with or without clear skin. Sure can’t say that about you.


  9. Hold it against me

    oh and did I mentionned that her album was blackballed by the Grammy academy in faor of Chris Brown’s Graffiti?
    The only grammy nods she got this year are because of the song with Jay Z
    “Look at my show footage, how these girls be spazzin’ / So f— I look like gettin’ back to a has-been? / Yeah, I said it, has-been /Hang it up, flatscreen /Haha plasma.” *Nicky Voice*


  10. Suri

    Aww, are you mad because Alicia is sitting lovely? While you are listening to bubblegum rap music such as “Nicki Minaj” in your one bedroom apartment. Plus how are you going to quote her and can’t spell her name right?


  11. Ponyo

    She makes beautiful music. And dat is all.


  12. suzieblue

    She’s great. Love her and her music.


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  14. Beautiful

    Alicia Keys is absolutely breath takenly beautiful both inside and outside.


  15. Only the Best

    Only A list celebrities get invited to be a presenter at the Golden Globe.

    Alicia was the top 10 celebrities with high album sales for 2010. She had the number R&B single for over 6 weeks. She is one of the charitable A list celebrities.

    Alicia is well respected, intelligent, gorgorous musician in the world.

    Thank God for her.


  16. Gladis

    Gold it Against me is made because Nicki Minaj and Briteny Spears could never get 12 grammys within 8 years. DOWN SIT


  17. whatsittoyou

    She is so beautiful in every way. Love Ms Keys and her music. Glad she knows how to ignore all the negative people with their hurtful, uncaring remarks. Much respect and love to her. Egypt is one lucky little boy to have such a terrific mother. <3 <3


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  19. Heminem

    She has really big traps.

    Never seen that on a girl before


  20. alicia's a homewrecka

    what a sl.ut bucket


  21. Non ya

    Alicia is a classy woman. If you’re lacking class don’t talk trash


  22. RealMusic

    Ms. Alicia Keys is a lovely young talented women who always carries herself like a lady. She looks beautiful as usual.


  23. Emmanuel

    hi from Mexico Alicia Keys looks so damn fat


    Karen Reply:

    @Emmanuel, Your mouth is fat. Alicia is beautiful and not anorexic like I suppose you would like women to be. We’re not here to please you but to be happy with ourselves. I pity any woman who has anything to do with you.


  24. Jayde

    Not sure what to think of her anymore. Her hit songs were collaborations with JayZ, Drake, and now husband Swizz who produced most of her last album. Is she really talented or using other male producers to make most of the music that she bites off to create her songs? The whole scandalous infidelious affair she had with Swizz was nothing short of notorious and obsessive and she’s his 4th baby momma. Makes me wonder if she has a mental illness to want a man that isn’t worth the shoes or nose he’s wearing.


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