Rihanna Looks Yummy in ‘S&M’ Video


Rihanna gives us a taste of her sweet video for “S&M,” the raunchy single off her latest album Loud. In the first image posted on her Twitter, RiRi rocks a bushy coif of red hair and a heart-shaped patch across her left eye, holding an ice cream cone in her hand with her back exposed. In addition to shooting the Melina-directed clip, the pop starlet is serving up a second scoop, co-starring with Nicki Minaj in the video for “Fly” from Pink Friday. Yum!

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  1. Yeah

    S S S & M M M


  2. Oreka

    Can’t wait! The vid’s gonna be dope! I love Rih :)


  3. Yeah



  4. Raciel

    I like it like it! Come on! :)


  5. Rihsus

    Bitch about to slay ur favs…BRINEY, LARRY GAGA WHO


  6. Pressed?

    Fly, all of the lights and who’s that chick, u forgot two rap-up.! But this looks 4 star, real promising! The girl is everywhere def jam is making it where as though if u don’t like her u will have to eventually because everywhere u turn she will be right there


  7. Clarrisa

    I am overly obsessed with this song……lol Surprised this track hasn’t skipped yet on the album I play it so much. Ready for the video..mos def!


  8. Mike

    Rihsus, please! She will not be slaying Britney, that’s for sure. Britney broke records this week and trust me, her album will do numbers unlike your girl’s albums. Rihanna’s been in the game for over five years and has YET to sell over 250k, bye girl! Britney’s 2007 “Blackout” sold nearly 300k in the first week with NO PROMOTION. Mind you, “Circus” sold over 500k in the first week in 08.


  9. Nicky

    @ MIKE






  10. Chris C.

    lol i love rihanna but rihsus? really? some people are too obsessed. and please thats why there is always a beef on here stop throwing out other artists names and and try to focus on the one in the post.
    Cant wait for the vid :D


  11. Beyonce is the Queen !

    i like this song and i can’t wait to see the video ! who cares who’s sold more records, its the music that’s more important ;)


  12. Alexz

    @ Mike let clear some things Britneys last two albums have flopped so hard. not to mention blackout nearly sold 2 million ( just like rated r) but rihanna got a number one record (rude boy) and loud sold 3million copies since february and + 2 number one songs whos laughing now? not to mention the success of Good Girl Gone Bad (because you’re gonna cry) and just fuck off and let the queen rule


  13. ryan23945

    rhianna is gonna b sucked and fucked by every male and female in the game within 3 years, much like keri hilson


  14. chunel

    It is always the same with Rihanna. She needs a good video to give the impression that the song is good. But it’s not.

    She doesn’t do ALBUM she just does series of SINGLES !
    she’s clearly not a game changer! Gaga, Bee and even Britney are…….


  15. bobo895

    i think rihanna once again failed to do original video and the only thing she has done is RED sh*t which she finds original, but lets agree that the only girl (in the world) is nothing original, fun or exiting and i feel this is gonna happend with S&M too…


  16. king

    rihanna is the best that is y she have haters fuk gaga


  17. Fan Ov A Fan

    stick and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite meeeeeee !! :D
    cant wait for the video woohoo !!


  18. Kween215

    KELIS already has this look in 96….NEXT


  19. deee

    gaga who ???

    Feels so good being bad!! :) Rihanna OWNS !


  20. Cool

    All this women are clearly talented & doing well in their different ways…Bey, Rih, Brit, Gaga & Who again…? They are classified as the Big 5 cos they are talented & hot at the same time…Right now they are the hottest in the game WW…they compete with each other, beat each other, overtake each other…that’s what the game’s all about but what’s most important is that they reach out to their audience all over the world & doing it big in a BIG WAY!!!


  21. Staymad

    I see the haters are already pressed. Poor them. Rihanna’s reign still won’t let up. Stay mad! S-S-S & M-M-M.


  22. @BoiWitOutAH3Art

    I Think Skin Should Of Been Next Buh Ok! Lol


  23. Mals

    i hope she’s not block her eye for the whole video….


  24. BantuJones

    OWWWWW! S&M!! Cant wait!


  25. Billionaire

    OMG!!!!!!!! I’m loving this pic to pieces! Can’t wait to see the entire video!!!! Another Massive Club Banger for the Queen! I could see her performing this live already!


  26. freefalling

    i can hardly wait for rihannas new video
    i have tried to figure out the video a
    thousand times and can’t come up with no
    ideas as to what they are going to bring to the table.


  27. freefalling

    do not stop rihanna just keep right
    on doing you and the rest will
    be history for a long time to come.


  28. freefalling

    @ ryan,,,you are a nasety butt
    dirty bird and needs to take that mess you are trying to sell some place else because its not selling over here, hater.


  29. Rihanna Baby



  30. Tightrope


    So rated r wasn’t a game changer…. SIT DOWN!!!
    Last time I checked artists are supposed to
    Have an album full of singles… That’s how the album becomes successful

    Don’t let Ur dislike for Rihanna get in the way of the facts


  31. ollieoxon

    @mike you are dumb that britney single sucked ass Ke$ha could murder Brit at this point


  32. RiRilovah

    I seriously can’t wait for this video! But I hope there aren’t many hidden signs in the video like Gaga’s Bad Romance and Alejandro. Anyway, I hope it’ll be her best video EVER! xD


  33. maya

    Rihanna can’t sing. W


  34. maya

    WTF?! Rap-up let me finish my damn comment b4 ya’ll submit it, damn!

    anyway, she can’t sing. Idk why she’s famous. Ya’ll fans must be tone deaf b/c she’s all machines. I’m no Britney fan but when it comes to sells, Brit will murder her. Just STOP Rihanna, stop!


  35. Lexus

    You’re an idiot.
    The End.


  36. Sean


    Nothing Kelis hasn’t done in the last 10 years.



  37. Lexus

    What’s a ‘Kelis’ though?


  38. From Tokyo

    @Nicky – Those numbers are still low, though. Where are the fans at, really? Devoted enough to argue with faceless strangers on a daily basis but not devoted enough to buy the albums.

    I used to like Rihanna a little but she lost me recently. It’s all crap and I’m not a fan of either but Britney’s Blackout and Circus runs circles around LOUD, in MY OWN OPINION. Sorry. Or not.


  39. Lexus

    @From Tokyo
    Far from it. The album’s been out 8 weeks now. Compare it to the 8th week sales of her peers. None is higher. I Am Sasha Fierce is around 2.4. The Fame Monster is 2.3. Same with Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, e.t.c.
    It’s the 5th fastest selling album by a female in the past 5 years. She’s only beaten by Taylor Swift & Susan Boyle.
    It’s been the #1 album on the World Chart for 4 weeks straight now.
    So, what’s your point?


  40. Sean

    I don’t care how fast that album is selling. It’s mediocre at best.

    The title should read “Rihanna Looks Tasty In S&M Video.”


  41. Alex

    Lol @ the haters. Rihanna’s Reign simply won’t let up! LOUD is full of fantastic songs, including the ballads. LTWYL Part II & California King Bed are amazing. This album also has dancefloor smashes, and they’re all hitting #1. It’s amazing how jealous can be. Rihanna will forever be the R&B / Pop princess, she’s the prettiest pop star that has ever livedddddd (:


  42. Curaçao 4 life

    it has been proved by billboard that rihanna did outsell al ya favas digitale so why discuss about sells when she is the Queen of the new invented way of selling music!


  43. D.KING

    All of the Haterz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop Hating on the Queen Rihanna. That Rihanna Reign Just Wont Let Up so all of you all can sit your assess DOWN!!! cause its pretty obvious to me that she isn’t going ANYWHERE!!! SO just stop WASTING YOUR Time


  44. Kerry Johnson

    Rihanna is the the Queen,nobody can stop her. HATER GET A LIFE!!!!!!!.



    @Maya, oh stop making me laugh. Your stupidity is a big-ass joke. Good on Rihanna.


  46. BrandyFanatic

    Rihanna along with many other people charting today are so lucky so many people these days are sheep and are mindless drones who pay more attention to catchiness than talent.

    I’m so ashamed of who’s charting today. Anyone with a catchy song will climb the charts…well I’m tired of it! I wish Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Britney Spears, etc. never existed and people with REAL talent (Brandy, Melanie Fiona, Jazmine Sullivan, Monica, Janelle Monae, Chris Brown, Evanescence etc.) dominated the music scene.

    But, unfortunately, people these days are so caught up in their shallow, superficial way of thinking. I wish people would snap to it..talent doesn’t really matter anymore to people and it’s seriously pissing me off.

    I understand people like catchy generic pop music, so why not like someone who can actually sing and carry out a good pop tune (and have meaning)? Kimberly Caldwell comes to mind…her new song “Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys” has a nice meaning and she can SING and it’s a good pop song.

    I’m really asking you people to re-consider your music taste. Please?


  47. BrandyFanatic

    BTW, I also have to laugh at anyone calling Rihanna “queen”. Queen of what…being a total sell-out?


  48. Kerry Johnson

    stop hatin, Rihanna has the most #1 singles this decade and she 100% real all the time.Sell-out my ass GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!!!


  49. BrandyFanatic

    Your delusional ass is a joke. 100% real…yeah fucking right! Jazmine Sullivan is the one who is 100% real…not fake Rihanna who changes her style every five minutes just to fit in. It scares me how fucked up some people in this world are…you, Kerry, have fallen victim…just like the others who only pay attention to those played on the radio. It astonishes me that people pay more attention to Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga than a REAL artist like Jazmine Sullivan.


  50. RicardoJ

    See like i never really liked this song at first but then i kept hearing it and i was like WOAH!


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