New Music: Timbaland – ‘Round Da Way Tim’


After teasing with a snippet of “Warped,” a song with Missy Elliott and Sebastian, Timbaland has decided to switch his Timbaland Thursdays offering. Timbo goes solo on “Round Da Way Tim,” the second installment in his free music series.

“Who you know just like me?/ A simple black man who own a private island,” he brags over the haunting beat, while also maintaining his humility. “Let me tell you about this ni**a around the way/ He’s the coolest ni**a and I got to say/ His name is Timbo/ So down-to-earth that he could be your kinfolks.”

Fall for Timbaland’s charm by listening below.

Timbaland – “Round Da Way Tim”

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  1. dopeboy

    Datss Some Dope Shyit.


  2. Me

    WTF Timbo?! Yr Backkk soo fckin Hardd!!
    Dindt expect that flow from you again…


  3. thomascrown

    like it.


  4. missy

    Hahaaaa! Sexxxyyyyy!!!:D


  5. Steve22

    nice track. butt man that ‘Harped’ joint is still in my brainnn


  6. CICI

    i want another song with justin timberlake or keri hilson or T.I.!!!!!


  7. Burgerjones

    hmm.. now we’re talkin..


  8. youdontneedtoknow

    its okay. I guess timbo fan will love it


  9. Yo

    Finally, some old skool timbo beats. This actually sounds good.

    Sounds much better than the crap he’s been doing with Madonna, Justin TimberFAKE and all those stupid rockers.


  10. Nait Phoenix

    Oh, I’m getting a serious nostalgia overdrive here!



    Where is my girl Missy vrs…MANN..Miss where you at!!!


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