New Music: T-Pain f/ Chris Brown – ‘Best Luv Song’

T-Pain and Chris Brown

T-Pain took to Twitter last night, liberating a couple tracks from his upcoming album rEVOLVEr, including “Best Luv Song” and “Separated.” He also delivered a message to those who are leaking unfinished versions of his records.

“Since nobody wants to respect this form of art that you all say we ‘love’ so much, I’m just gonna go ahead and start leakin the album myself tonight,” he tweeted. “well maybe I shouldn’t rant but everybody was lookin at me strange when I said I didn’t wanna drop my album, it’s not that album sales weren’t doin good for hip hop and rnb, it just felt like no one respected ‘music’ anymore.”

On one of the finished records he released called “Best Luv Song,” the Nappy Boy reteams with his “Kiss Kiss” collaborator Chris Brown to make another Auto-Tuned cut ripe for the dance floor. “It’s gotta be the crunkest, gotta be the loudest/ It’s gotta be the bes love song she’s ever heard in her life,” they sing.

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  1. stargate

    that’s single material right there!!!


  2. Breezy's girl

    Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it!!! ♥♥♥


  3. Ethan

    real talk from t-pain


  4. Tooonkey

    this is the type of auto-tune i despise. But i like other auto-tune like the way lil wayne uses it etc. This is just whinny :/ 2 stars **


  5. NVR

    Dope!! Hitrecord right there. Love the drums and pitch change in the end!


  6. Shady



  7. GRRRR

    No respect for music? More like no respect for privacy.


  8. king

    sound very bad


  9. King Makers

    WOW! this is exciting! Humm, T-pain & Chris always have a unique chemistry with music. Its bright, very creative as usual, very very liberating & lively. its a 100% hit. Haterz watch it climb to the top of the charts.


  10. vladica07

    Breezy sounds hot here,the song is cool,but still not a fan of auto-tune or T-pain. #LuvBreezy


  11. Young Miz

    Ayye this jawn look like its gona be a banga


  12. babygirl

    love it


  13. listen

    since nobody respects music, i’m just going to leak my music. hmmmm. where’s the logic in that statement. pretty much, t-pain is shooting himself in the foot. there’s no real demand for him anymore…and now he’s evolved into another place musically that i don’t think his old “fans” are going to want to tag along. imagine t-pain trying to sing this song live… #epicfail.


  14. tee

    i hate auto tune
    but surprisingly i love this


  15. GH

    diggin de tempo changes & etc


  16. RAH RAH

    This sucks!!! Sorry!


  17. almostpia

    It has a great feeling to it, just like Forever.


  18. tyler

    t-pain uses the autotune the best no one can tell me anything better


  19. live

    He already sang it live, it was pretty good actually.


  20. Neickha

    I like this.


  21. Korey

    T-Pain is so 2008!


  22. Haters Stay Pressed!

    It’s cute, autotuned to death, but cute. I am sick to DEATH of autotune, but what do we expect from T Pain? That’s his thing. *shrugs*

    I usually like what they come up with. It’s always catchy. I don’t know if they are ever going to be able to top ‘Kiss, Kiss’ though. That was my sh*t!

    I sometimes wonder if Chris feels obligated to work with some people. I mean, T Pain is his boy and all, but he hasn’t exactly been hot it a while. I wonder if Chris has a hard time saying no to people, especially people that didn’t turn that backs on him.


  23. Nait Phoenix

    I’m not sure about the whole sudden change to rock, but I actually enjoy the song. I can’t even lie, T-Pain is probably the only person I know that could get away with auto-tune these days and no one could care that much.


  24. Keesha

    I don’t like all the auto tune, but my favorite part was the guitar part at the end. Chris <333333

    F.A.M.E. March 22nd!!!


  25. hmm

    this song just has a vibe to it that makes you like it..even with all the autotune!


  26. mistwalker

    shit is hott haters stay mad!!!


  27. Jay

    I like it!


  28. cb luveeeerrrr



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