New Music: Lupe Fiasco – ‘H•A•M’ (Freestyle)

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco goes “H•A•M” over Jay-Z and Kanye West’s instrumental, dropping a freestyle while visiting BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Tim Westwood. The Chi-town rapper bigs up his lyrical abilities, sonning the competition by flaunting his rhymes. “I ain’t goin’ ham, I’m goin’ bacon, goin’ pig/ I’m goin’ whole cow, n***a look at me, look what I did/ You wish you could, but you just kid, I’m a grown man on it,” he spits. Listen as Lupe goes off the dome below.

Lupe Fiasco – “H•A•M” (Freestyle)

[The LupE.N.D. Blog]

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  1. Yeah



  2. OnlyBoy



  3. Yeah

    slayed it
    LASERS March 4th & 8th :))


  4. dankingkemp

    First, Motown, then You Get Beatles Classics,,, Then 70′s Hits, that really are Super OOKAY,,, Then Pearl Jam…. Now We Get FreeStyles from our Favorites Artists….. Can sumbody plan out a Hit Song? I’m still a fan or I wouldn’t be listenin’ but this is Really Piss..(d


  5. Neickha

    My Babe.. Love Lupe Can’t wait until March 8th!!!!


  6. NCHA

    this is so so……its not all that………..mild………..luke warm…… has no punches…………


  7. Nike

    Don’t forget this is straight off the top off his head. I know some pre-written stuff is worse than this


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