Salt-N-Pepa Kicks It Old School at ‘Legends of Hip-Hop’ Tour


Salt-N-Pepa stormed the nation’s capital for the latest stop on their “Legends of Hip-Hop” tour over the weekend at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. Sandra “Pepa” Denton and Cheryl “Salt” James tagged teamed through their classics including “Shoop,” “Whatta Man,” and “Push It” to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their 1986 debut Hot, Cool, & Vicious.

The rap pioneers brought along fellow vets Kurtis Blow, MC Lyte, Biz Markie, and Doug E. Fresh to perform hits from hip-hop’s Golden Age. The legendary crew will travel to St. Louis, Memphis, and Chicago before wrapping the trek on April 2 in Atlanta.

Blast back to the past by checking out the pics below.

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  1. mike

    Go Salt N Pepa!!
    They will be in Dallas soon.
    I must cop some tickets.


  2. DrDreThatDude



  3. fi

    im the third person commenting on SNP
    while rihanna gets 100s o comments
    what a sick sad world
    these girls have more talent , experience and personality than the whole american top 10 of today
    I love them so much for all what they have done
    their music
    their fight against AIDS
    their undeniable talent and for the fun that they have brought to my life


  4. Heminem

    Dont worry Fi,
    Heres another comment.

    Would have been epic!


  5. Heminem

    They also both look really good

    Almost better than in the 90s


  6. GRRRR

    There’s something that I love about these girls.

    At least they don’t always talk shit about other people… yes, I’m looking at you Lil’ Kim.

    Keep up those high spirits SNP.


    FunkyFreshDressed2Impress Reply:

    When u jack someone else’s style, that’s to be expected…. like she said years ago… “Wanna bumble wit the Bee? Huh? Bzzzt , throw a hex on ya whole family!”…lol

    Love it. Long live the Queen Bee


    rinaboo Reply:

    @GRRRR, you are so rite im looking at lil kim too. HAHA. but yeah i was still bumpimg they jams like push it in 2006 too


  7. FunkyFreshDressed2Impress

    MC Lyte & Doug E killed this show! I had a blast! & Big-Ups to that sista they pulled from the audience that completely Ripped the Mic during Lyte’s set. Fun, fun, fun!


  8. nikkinikki

    I just went to the show in Jacksonville,FL this past Friday ( we could’ve at least gotten a mention but anyway) — they were AWESOME — they were ON TIME — they were PROFESSIONALS — and most importantly, they were WORTH MY MONEY !


  9. Bashir

    This is true Rap and Talent, Let the real B-Boys and B-Girls stand up and hats off to the legends. The way makers


  10. rinaboo

    Question:uummm is mc lyte blind?? Cuz everytime I see her eyes they remind me of a blind person eyes??? Or are her eyes just light and pretty???


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