New Music: Tyga – ‘Black Thoughts 2’ [Mixtape]

Black Thoughts 2

Tyga teams up with DJ ill Will and DJ Rockstar for the second installment in his Black Thoughts mixtape series. The Young Money rapper calls in favors from guests including Game, Lloyd, Mario, Gudda Gudda, and Pharrell, who appears on The Neptunes-helmed “First Time,” and nabs production from Lex Luger, Jess Jackson, and more. Get inside Tyga’s mind.

Download: Tyga – Black Thoughts 2

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  1. trac-e

    Tyga (:


  2. AAA

    Love him , my twin


  3. 2Real4UrKind

    this shxt go hard.


  4. MeloRockstarr

    He needs to hang it up. They out Nicki out before him so that should show him where he stands. These mixtapes aint cuttin it. His booty prolly hurtin for being on the bench so long LOL


    blackguyfromNY Reply:

    @MeloRockstarr, smh…. do you think he cares what you say? u typing disrespect makes no sense. cuz he in a condo and a ill whip. and u in a box. #dead


  5. Lyssa'Bhadd

    i effin lovee tyga #MYHUBBY


  6. Up

    Wack. he sound like every young money artist underneath Weezy Drizzy and Nicki he wont get out of they spotlight for a while neither will the rest. This mixtape sounds rookie not a sophmore or number 2.


    bknyhustle Reply:

    damn tyga killed it tho…dl asap


    Um.Well.Sure. Reply:

    @Up, No shade, but I forgot he was even in Young Money. Recently I just thought it was Wayne, Nicki, and Drake. Oh and that squeaky n***a Lil Twist.


  7. Jaymufukkintee

    @Um.Well.Sure., ur an idiot. honestly, Tyga goes tooo fucking hard. you dont know shit bout youngg money dumbass. Gudda Gudda go hard Tyga Chuckee and there newest member Corey Gunz. so please shut the fuck up you obviously dont know music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Ymcmb



  9. nicki minaj love

    tyga’s a beast, he’s not on no damn bench haters..he’s doing the same thing Nicki & Drake did before they drop albums he’s doing mixtapes, he’s touring with Diddy& dirty money… he’s featured on a couple of albums…honestly, he’s better than Wiz. stop sleeping on Tyga he goes in.


  10. maya

    this mixtape is better than rolling papers


  11. ggyygghh

    He killed this shit st8 up..


  12. B0MAR

    I Been Bangin Dis Shit Since I Heard It…6 Hours Ago. Proly Gon B On All Day Honestly. Nd Im So Tired Of Mufukas Hatin on My Nigga Man! @MeloRockstarr…GTFOHWTBS! Nd @Up..You Sound STOOPID. Yo Ears R Rookies. Its Still Beyond Me As 2 Wy Mufukas Hate On An Artist But Continue 2 Check Out Their Music. You Must Secretly Lik Tyga Bra. Nd Since You Proly Do…If You Was Realli Listenin You’d Realize How Much He’s Progressed From ” Coconut Juice “..He Is One Of Tha Best In YM. One Tha Best Rappers Nd Ona My Favs. Big Ups 2 Tyga.


  13. white girl

    Tyga is the shit.fuk nicki minaj fuk wayne.tyga to me is better cuz he hasn’t change.nicki thinks shes a gangsta.yet she tryna be plastic.fukin dumb barbie bitch.tyga much love.i loved ur music always.



    i think he ugly


  15. factor702

    This Mixtape hard…
    Check me out on YouTube @FACTOR702 …


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