Video: Jennifer Lopez – ‘I’m Into You’ (Lil Wayne Version)

Lil Wayne

Jennifer Lopez adds Lil Wayne to the mix in the video for “I’m Into You,” the second single from LOVE? Although they filmed together, Weezy and J.Lo do not actually share any scenes with one another. Instead, Tunechi appears solo in black and white and orange-hued shots as the video flashes back to images of J.Lo and actor William Levy on the beach in Mexico.

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  1. KMart

    bout tym n all lol. buh why r ther 2 vids for this??


  2. Neli

    LIL WAYNE <3


  3. Kristen

    Love it!


  4. maya

    What’s the point on 2 diff vids? just dumb. This should’ve been the original


    Ruthy Reply:

    It’s because the majority of you all complaing about the gremlin not appearing on the video in the first place.

    Some people – like myself – like the first version with J. Lo and William only, while others (mostly the younger crowd) wanted to see this version with the gremlin in it.

    So, you see, it’s a different taste for everybody.


    Curt Reply:

    @Ruthy, LOL, “the gremlin”


    rich331 Reply:

    @Ruthy, LMAO @ “the gremlin”…he does look like one..


    Alexrydercarter Reply:

    @Ruthy, you say gremlin, i say successor. he deserves to be in this as much as she does. Hes the only reason half of us watch and listen to this song.


  5. Helgye Harshye

    This sing is very beautiful.l think you’re the best.thanks a lot your this l has watch and liesten your song.happines,love health and success, kiss


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