New Music: Game f/ Trey Songz – ‘She Wanna Have My Baby’

Game and Trey Songz

Game shows the groupies no love on “She Wanna Have My Baby,” his R.E.D. Album collaboration with Trey Songz. The Compton MC name checks everyone from Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa to Amber Rose and Meagan Good over the clapping beat, while Trey plays wingman, singing, “She said she wanna have my baby/ Who tryna have my baby?” Future baby mamas take note.


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  1. no

    why does game name drop sooo damn much? like, can u not put together a ONE rap wo dropping 100 names. no doubt game’s gotta tough ass voice and can flow, but his lyrics are repetitive / weak.


    Sam from FL Reply:

    @no, LMAOOOOOO, i thought i was the only one who noticed that


    Jay Reply:

    @no, yes he does! it’s so annoying. He’s talking about the girl in the song being a celeb groupie but he is the biggest one of all lol.


    spirit Reply:

    @no, ive been saying that since his second album! He used to say Dr. Dre so much I was starting to wonder! LOL!

    It’s time to turn the name droppin switch off!


  2. Ditmerr

    this is SICK!


  3. Brown Sugar



  4. jewlz



  5. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    ILIke !!!


  6. Yaser Lad

    Trey that noise is annoying


    fizzle Reply:

    @Yaser Lad, that’s all he can make, noise.


  7. fizzle

    Will Michelle (Destiny’s Child) be in the video because having Kelly in this one will just be too familiar.


  8. HipHop



  9. wesscoast vet

    baby by me inspired…..#smh


  10. 50 cent fan...!!

    no i agree with u he always has to name drop he suck…!! that y 50 wrote all his big hits on his first album…!! and 50 has a song call baby by me… he had to copy him game suck…!!!!


  11. WonderLand19


  12. Heminem

    I love Tre’s “yeah” after game says aint it tre
    Dont love the song though. ok



    red album is coming game your the best.


  14. malhi

    youu don’t look like your twitter avatar anyway.. bitchhh you look like an avatar, anyway..hahaha funniest. haters gonna hate.


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