Ja Rule Reunites with Ashanti on New Collaboration ‘LOL’

Ja Rule and Ashanti

Ja Rule and Ashanti had a reunion onstage during Lloyd’s show at Hammerstein Ballroom last month, and now the former Murder Inc. affiliates are sharing laughs on their first collaboration in nearly seven years.

Ashanti is set to appear on “LOL,” or “Laughing Out Loud” for the non-Internet savvy, which will be released on one of Rule’s two upcoming albums. “It’s a fun record,” he told Rap-Up.com. “It’ll definitely be on one of the albums, either The Renaissance Project or P.ain I.s L.ove 2, but I’m not sure which one yet.”

Produced by Rule himself, the track flips Stevie Wonder’s 1980 reggae-soul single “Master Blaster (Jammin’),” albeit with the modern technological language the title implies. The song retains the laid-back, reggae-tinged vibe of the original, but sees the rapper pining for a lost love. “LOL. LMAO,” sings Ja. “But it ain’t funny how I don’t see you no more.”

“LOL” marks the first collaboration between Ja Rule and Ashanti since the latter’s 2004 album Concrete Rose. Their partnership yielded numerous hits in the early 2000s, including 2001’s “Always On Time,” 2003’s “Mesmerize,” and 2005’s “Wonderful,” all of which landed in the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Rule is scheduled to start serving an 18-month prison sentence on June 8, the day after P.ain I.s L.ove 2 drops. Immediately upon his release, he is planning to hit the road on his “40 Days/40 Nights Around the World” tour.

–Jason Newman

“LOL” (not featuring Ashanti)

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  1. WhatTheF



  2. Tiffany

    now all i want is a j.lo collab like old times


  3. Dough

    He’s good with the females, a reunited Jlo, Ashanti, and Lil
    Mo track would bring him a hit. Ashanti and him have the best chemistry, despite what their haters say.


  4. Shana

    That’s not Ashanti singing that.



    fuck j.lo and lil mo, ashanti and ja rule got the best songs, better then another other rapper/singer, and yes including jay and beyonce


    Ratchet Reply:

    @FUCK BEYONCE, Stop trying to start shit, theres enough room in this industry for everyone.


    DINA Reply:

    @FUCK BEYONCE, I’m sure you guys still remember that Billboard listed 2 duets of Jennifer among the list of Top 40 biggest duets of all time, for I’m Real “Remix” (#06) and All I have (#35), btw, she’s the only artist with 2 duets on the list.


  6. Rihannastann!

    I honestly love this!n yeah doesn’t really sound like shani…:-/


    Rap-Up Reply:

    It’s not Ashanti. That’s an early version of the song. Ashanti is set to appear on the final.


  7. Kahari

    This isn’t what I would expect from someone who have created so many hits together prior to this song. It doesn’t even sound finalized.


  8. Angel

    This better be good…


  9. Jamie

    This should’ve been posted after Ashanti’s vocals were added. People are gullible and now this is floating around as “featuring Ashanti”.


  10. Chelsey

    Ja-rule your career is over sorry.


    brittany Reply:

    @Chelsey, it’s been over for the last 7 years


  11. deb

    i luv ja rule :)


  12. priscilla

    i love this song. love my ashanti and ja rule.


  13. Kellie,R

    OMG i’m so excited for this callobration.


  14. Jess



  15. tosha22

    ja rule and ashanti man how i loved their music.


  16. Yoshi

    How they gon’ copy Queen Rebecca Black’s new single title?


    Name Here Reply:

    @Yoshi, now thats lol


  17. ok



  18. B L A H

    this sound lik sumthnq Ashanti would sinq on , but the sonq isnt all that to me Ja could hve did better !

    Fuck Ja Rule’s album , im waitinq for ASHANTIS ALBUM !


  19. Joedyd

    Yow blood i dig yo sounds too da grave..my feet got cold bt afta da real life fantasy..yeah m hotter than summer..generate da heat in dis world of friction dawq..true fan joedy frm south africa


  20. Joedyd

    Eyow dis out ja he is da king nobody cn takin his crown cs himslf its a TITLE..biage if u hate him..mucchh lovvvee frm joedyd


  21. Joedy d

    Nigga JA :D he a great king fr gooood…dnt mind em…dawq i lov yo song calld hearsay….fuck em all dawq..i can carry yo cross if u hv to b put on cross


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