New Music: Bad Meets Evil f/ Mike Epps – ‘I’m on Everything’

Hell: The Sequel

Eminem may be sober now, but that’s not stop him from spitting a dope flow on “I’m on Everything,” track No. 5 off the Bad Meets Evil EP, Hell: The Sequel. The Detroit rapper goes bar for bar with his partner in rhyme Royce da 5’9″ over the Mr. Porter production, which samples Mike Epps’ comedy routine (“syrup, pain killers, cigarette, weed”). Get your fix below.


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  1. tony

    song is whatever…step back from fastlane for real


  2. mimouna

    loool the verses are nutss!!! listen to the lyrics instead of the catchiness of the melody!! i love it!!

    em killet royce though !! lol is he back on drugs or what??


  3. Adam

    Em’s verses are way better


  4. ugh

    f**king stans ^^^….ok, i’ll guess i’ll be the first to give a real review
    1. beat, smh
    2. eminem raps about farts
    3. royce beats eminem in every bar. check
    4.comedy routine as hook? smh


    ugh Reply:

    @ugh, ok i gave it a few more listens
    i like the beat more now
    still hate the farts.
    royce does win though
    i like 2nd half of the song
    …i will say this, they werent trying to release this, they said they just had fun making this so w.e i still dont think its on par with anything theyve done before (not counting leaks)


    yungNad Reply:

    @ugh, shut up boy and no BOTH of them killed it


  5. Eliana

    A real Review :P

    I think is actually really cool thing they both got together, after it all.

    The beat is good. And the lyrics are for real. thats what we need none of the stupid $hit Lilwayne takes out.


  6. Jake

    It’s w/e. Beat is hot, flows are ehh, but it is catchy.


  7. JHP

    Beat & Hook are lame, verses are dope


  8. ehh

    It deserved a better hook and beat, but it still is kinda catchy.


  9. Dr.

    they did it for fun, give them a break at least there working together


  10. Kdafi_213

    al in the name of fun… i dont like but glad artist can still have fun with tracks


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