J. Cole Pays Tribute to Tupac and Biggie at Bonnaroo [Video]

J. Cole

J. Cole paid homage to two of his idols, Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., on the first day of the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. “Ya’ll make some noise for motherf**king Tupac Shakur,” said the Roc Nation MC after covering the late legend’s 1996 single “I Ain’t Mad at Cha.”

As sweat poured down his face, Cole delivered his Friday Night Lights mixtape cut “Higher” set to the Isley Brothers’ “Between the Sheets,” as sampled by Biggie on “Big Poppa.”

J. Cole recently performed a new song which samples Paula Abdul’s ’80s hit “Straight Up” during his first show with Rihanna in Baltimore. He is awaiting clearance before releasing the official single from his debut.

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  1. afrikkaa

    the guy is amazing!!
    cole world!!!


  2. Devingod

    TuPac music never gets old.


    Shah! Reply:



  3. Shah!

    I luv him! The future of Hip Hop right here!


  4. Thyj

    I’m not pressuring his to release his album.
    He already dropped a bomb ass mixtape not too long ago.

    Cole is too real! He’s not just about studio thuggin and being something he’s not. REAL RECOGNIZES REAL!


  5. AAA

    I wanna have sex with him so bad!!!!


    michael angelo Reply:

    @AAA, hope u are girl and not some bitch ass faggot


  6. listen

    If he’s performing the single now, the song should be cleared. If not, I’m sure the publishers involved with licensing that song have even greater bargaining power over issuing the mechanical license.


  7. unomber

    Pac for life. Cole for life.


  8. Yeah



  9. bbq

    J.Cole is a cutie!


  10. SLYBOI

    Next greatest


  11. ughreally

    YESSS someone paying respect to Tupac. He does Tupac justice. His voice works .


  12. a s

    read the book, The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders: U.S. Intelligence’s Murderous Targeting of Tupac, MLK, Malcolm, Panthers, Hendrix, Marley, Rappers and Linked Ethnic Leftists.

    written by John Potash, Fred Hampton Jr. and Pam Africa with Mumia Abu-Jamal (Jan 1, 2008)


  13. BK0403874

    It’s gonna be a Cole world when his album drops!!


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