Alicia Keys Puts on a Royal Performance

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys graced London’s Royal Albert Hall with a regal performance on the 10th anniversary of her debut songs in A minor. With her hair pulled back in a ponytail, the R&B royalty sat at a customized piano in a black-and-white Dolce & Gabbana outfit and performed classics from the groundbreaking album, set for re-release on June 28. Alicia is in town for her 3rd annual Keep a Child Alive Black Ball co-hosted by producer Mark Ronson, taking place on Wednesday.

Alicia Keys Alicia Keys Alicia Keys

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  1. Sarah

    I heard people say it was the best concert they’ve been to….I bet it was a amazing.Just a piano and her voice.


    Alicias certified homewrecka Reply:

    @Sarah, Alicia is giving away “how to be a homewrecka” courses at the concert. Two for 1 special, she’ll give away her chocho.


    Mely B Reply:

    @Alicias certified homewrecka, PLEASE.STOP.BEATING.THIS.DEADAZZ.HORSE


    Sarah Reply:

    @Alicias certified homewrecka, Don’t mentiono me, HO


  2. Starr

    She is beyond amazing! I heard she played for 2 hours, just her voice and her piano, no back up, no band, no nothing! Talented and beautiful beyond belief!


  3. Music Lover

    where the video?


  4. Christy

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE Alicia Keys. Yes! She is definitely R&B royalty!


  5. Misha

    Wow!! Twitter was on fire with people at the concert, I heard that she was amazing. I cannot wait until the NY show on the 30th. Just her and the piano. Iconic!! Heard that she killed the Paris show on Saturday also. What a beautiful talented spirit.


  6. Alicias certified homewrecka



    BB Reply:

    @Alicias certified homewrecka, Piss off….focus your energy elsewhere.


    Lisa Reply:

    @Alicias certified homewrecka, ummm!! Mashonda get off of the internet and go find a job and take care of youself. Jealousy is a disease and clearly you have the disease. So pitiful.


    B,Uused to b u gone nair Reply:

    @Lisa, you wish I was Mashonda. and boo, i could never be jealous of a homewrecka. finally, i have a job. you opinion has been debunked


  7. krystina

    awww!! i would have loved to see this show!


  8. NYC

    I am so excited to go to the NYC show. I heard she was on FIYAH her voice and her piano skills.

    Alicia is so…….talented. I can’t wait.


  9. Jenn

    SIAM10 !!!! LEGGO!


  10. DeeJay

    I have my tickets for June 30th, cant wait.


  11. MoeMoe

    I will always be a fan. Her personal is her business. I can’t say I agree with what went down but that doesn’t take away who she is as an artist. She is still one of a kind


  12. @RonaldRanier

    Just like fine wine…


  13. sooty

    I was lucky to have witnessed the most wonderful performance I have EVER seen. AK with just her piano. Her voice was pure & powerful. Played her piano with so much power and passion. The whole thing just worked so well in such a wonderful venue. Started the show singing tunes AK grew up on and talking about her life in NY as a child, boy did that get me going. Respecting other artists such as Aaliyah and Mary J before AK started on her own hits. Man she was awesome….AK didnt event break out in a sweat it was effortless. 2 hours of joy.


  14. muska

    PPL!!! i saw some shit!!! why in TOP ARTIST ON RAP-UP i don’t see R. Kelly??


  15. Mely B

    I can’t wait to see her on the BET Awards – I think last year she was overworked and her vocal performances definitely suffered. With the time off she looks refreshed & from the clips I saw of her performances she is back on her “A” game.


  16. Anita

    Alicia looks so pretty here and seems so happy. I saw some of the performances on YouTube and they were really good. Her voice sounds so amazing and the piano playing of course is beautiful. That’s all you need to enjoy an Alicia Keys song. I know we can expect much more music from this talented and caring lady in the future. I wish her much love and continued success.


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