Jeremih Covers Adele’s ‘Rumour Has It’ [Video]

Jeremih and Adele

Jeremih takes on Adele’s “Rumour Has It” for Billboard Mashup Mondays. The R&B crooner strips down the British singer’s soulful song off her multi-platinum album 21, showing off his skills on the drums and keyboard with his guitar-laced remake. He even throws in melodies from Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby,” Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure,” and his own hit “Down on Me.”

“You probably have never heard this type of sound from my voice, so I just wanted to touch it and see what I could do with it,” the 23-year-old Chicago native told Billboard. “I think [Adele is] one of the hottest new breakthrough artists. I love her sound of music. It kinda gives me the old Motown sound of music that I grew up listening to.”

Now that Jeremih’s covered Adele, can we get Adele to cover “Birthday Sex,” please?

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  1. Donpablo

    the only cool thing bout it is that he is playing drums………….


    luvlife Reply:

    @Donpablo, Exactly.


  2. Yo!

    This is #stupidDOPE!


  3. JueLz

    Ya that was actually terrible…I’m sorry


  4. Nick

    this was interesting….i love the song , adele is amazing….and i felt it was refreshing to see jeremih take on a challenge


  5. Lisa

    When I read this I wanted to burst out laughing… Jeremih covering Adele? But I was told to not “judge a book by its cover” and since I like to practise what I preach, I listened to this with an open mind. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Nice to see him do something like this after songs like “Birthday Sex” and “Break Up to Make Up”. But his voice isn’t quite intense enough to do an Adele song. But it wasn’t bad at all. The dude can sing.


    Ves Reply:

    @Lisa, my thoughts exactly!


  6. Tepig

    Um. No.


  7. harvey

    Amazing…adele’s song fits him!!!


  8. stace face

    I like it. He did a good job to me.


  9. Latisha

    Wow! Its great that he took a challenge and executed it so well!


  10. lisa

    it was cool, i mean it wasnt as dope as i would have licked but dude is trying


  11. @Sjb121

    He did a REALLY good job. I never knew he actually had a real voice tucked away back there, or I never paid attention. Either way know I know this is one guy with TALENT.


  12. beck

    if I hadn’t have heard Adele’s original I think I would’ve liked it, but I keep hearing the original in my head and I can’t get over how much better Adele sounds…I liked the bridge though. Overall it wasn’t bad; I’m just kinda biased cuz I love adele :)



    HAHAHAHAA. I bursted into laughter. What a joke.


  14. juAn

    sounds good. the guitarist helps alot. also feelin the ice ice baby pieces. gotta check out the complete adele version now. btw great p.r. move by jeremih


  15. Chris C.

    i dont like his voice.


  16. Aquierra

    I thought it was an Asian crying out “Rumour has zit”


  17. shay

    i usually can’t stand when people do Adele covers because EVERYONE has been jumping on it. but i actually really like this. i agree with juAn the guitarist helps, and i liked the fresh spin on it. sounds good! i never realised his voice was this good.


  18. Bouhh

    He did great !


  19. Rachel

    I liked his version better. I think Adele is an average singer with good instrumentals.


  20. Miriam

    Please, leave this song alone.


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