Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, & Far East Movement Perform at MuchMusic Video Awards [Video]

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga opened and closed Canada’s 22nd Annual MuchMusic Video Awards in grand fashion. During her first show stopper, the pop queen recreated her “Edge of Glory” music video, dancing from the rails of an apartment building backdrop in a studded black catsuit and aqua-colored bob.

After winning two awards including International Video of the Year for “Judas,” a hairy Gaga emerged from a cocoon at the end of the show to perform “Born This Way,” whipping her long hair back and forth before covering herself in purple goo.

Fresh off wrapping his “Hooligans in Wondaland” tour with Janelle Monáe, a dapper Bruno Mars remixed his hit “Just the Way You Are” and Far East Movement was joined by Dev and Snoop Dogg during their medley of “Like a G6,” “Bass Down Low,” and “If I Was You (OMG).”

If you missed any of these performances, catch them below.

Lady Gaga – “The Edge of Glory”

Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”

Far East Movement featuring Dev and Snoop Dogg – “Like a G6,” “Bass Down Low,” and “If I Was You (OMG)”

Bruno Mars – “Just the Way You Are”

[Video via The Celebrity Network]

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  1. Brionna

    Gaga is so sexy to me…Gosh i love her. Does anybody know what the next single is??


    mike Reply:


    nobody knows yet, but i hope it’s Bad Kids


    Milk Reply:

    @mike, ^^^ Yes Finally SOmeone Who Agrees With Me Everyone Wants The German Song Or Marry The Night I Want Bad Kids


  2. buddyreal

    this chick had green patches of hair under her arms and pelvic area..lmao

    I hella respect her though.


  3. MaZ

    Attention Wh*re!



    Fugly Attentiom Whore :)
    Who Gon Check Me Boo?


    Meme Reply:

    @QUEEN BEYONCE STANN, I know thats Right!!!!


    Andrew Reply:

    @QUEEN BEYONCE STANN, *attention…

    her vocals were on point, and I loved her look.


  5. Meme

    Thanks to Lil’ Kim who started at 90′s Trend with the colorful wigs..Although some did it before her, but Kim brought it out…now Thats a Trendsetter…


    Name here Reply:

    @Meme, please dont turn this to nicki minaj vs lil kim


    Milk Reply:

    @Meme, Lil Kim DID NOT Start That But Ima Let U Believe That


    t Reply:

    @Meme, believe me that trend stopped years ago nicki and katy perry brought it back bitch…


  6. Lisa

    Lady Gaga’s rocking that blue hair! I like it, but what is up with the blue pubics? That’s a little too much for me.


  7. Real Issh

    What happen to those “sharp bones” that grew on her shoulder & face ? Stupid cunt .. Ugh .


  8. Mike

    Queen of Pop? Please! Madonna has that title and Britney is the next one to take the throne.


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