Beyoncé Serves Up Stellar Set at T in the Park Festival


“I want you to forget about all your drama and all your troubles and get lost in this music tonight!” declared Beyoncé while invading Scotland on Day 2 of the T in the Park festival on Saturday (July 9).

Following her much-heralded headlining performance at Glastonbury, the curly-haired superstar hit the stage to “Crazy in Love” wearing a sequined black slip. She had festivalgoers in the palm of her hand while delivering crowd pleasers including “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” and “Irreplaceable.”

As with her recent gigs, she reminisced with a medley of Destiny’s Child’s hits and covered Prince’s “The Beautiful Ones” backed by her all-female band. She handed it over to her friends Coldplay, but not before filling the park with the sweet sounds of “Halo.”

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  1. Ash

    I’m going to see her tomorrow at Oxegen in Ireland! SO EXCITED :D


  2. Music Lover

    Beyonce looks beautiful in that first picture.

    I cant wait to see more video footage of this


  3. look

    She is ROCKIN’ the curly-do! Ima need to visit the local weave supply…

    …of course mine would have to be jet black curly…that honey brown don’t look good on erbody. I’m willing to admit that. Go B! Oh and the “we like to partay…ay….ay….” BANGS in the CHI! So my summer song!


  4. look

    I’m sorry. I gotta say it again…she’s owning that natural. My nappy brown (don’t get it confused I love my texture) would go great with this.


  5. meme

    she looks gorgeous as per usual. I think this era she is looking her best ever. gatta love her.


  6. Real Issh

    I’m a proud stan .. Once again .


  7. RihannaNavy♥

    OMG I’m so proud of u!….Luv yuh Bee!!!♥♥♥



    Who Cares?


    Real Issh Reply:, You do Cedric .


    look Reply:

    @Real Issh, I like your classy comeback. Very chic.


    Real Issh Reply:

    @look, Thanx :D


  9. sasha ki

    i loooooooov being a fan of her moreover a freak stan fow her mwaaaaah beeeee <3


  10. We love you Bey

    That triangle just annoys me. It’s pointless and sits there for nothing. O.o


  11. Alicias certified homewrecka

    *yawnsssssssssssss* #tears

    Puta, Lo Mismo de siempre


  12. TeamTM

    queen B !!


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