Tracklisting: David Guetta – ‘Nothing But the Beat’

Nothing But the Beat

David Guetta throws a dance party with some of his famous friends on his fifth album Nothing But the Beat, dropping August 29. The 13-track standard edition includes Chris Brown and Lil Wayne (“I Can Only Imagine”), Jennifer Hudson (“Night of Your Life”), Usher (“Without You”), Jessie J (“Repeat”), and Nicki Minaj on “Turn Me On” and the smash single “Where Them Girls At.” Check the star-studded lineup below.

Nothing But the Beat – Standard U.S. Tracklisting

1. “Where Them Girls At” feat. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj
2. “Little Bad Girl” feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris
3. “Turn Me On” feat. Nicki Minaj
4. “Sweat” – Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta
5. “Without You” feat. Usher
6. “Nothing Really Matters” feat.
7. “I Can Only Imagine” feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne
8. “Crank It Up” feat. Akon
9. “I Just Wanna F–” feat. Timbaland & Dev
10. “Lunar (Electro Track)”
11. “Night of Your Life” feat. Jennifer Hudson
12. “Repeat” feat. Jessie J
13. “Titanium” feat. Sia

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  1. Jfenty

    where is the Rihanna song?


    Dizzle Reply:

    @Jfenty, & Kelly Rowland????? they best be on International Version!!?


    Name here Reply:

    @Dizzle, commander and who’s that chick was the re-release of one love


    The Dramatikan Reply:

    @Dizzle, yea ya’ll late that was one love -.-


  2. NYCKO

    AMAZING !!!


  3. bla

    in this previous album


  4. Jen

    2 nicki tracks… yesss bitch !!!


  5. Miszi

    Looking forward to Chris Brown & Lil Wayne track aswell as Akon and Usher tracks. Oh and Sweat is quite cool.


  6. webb

    where the fuck is the 50cent featured song? fuck guetta.


  7. JHP

    The Breezy/Weezy joint is probably gonna be dope as hell, as well as the Usher one, maybe the Kon one too. Guetta was singing high praises of that 2nd Nicki one, so we’ll see.


  8. @HeOn_Lock

    Lol One Artist On Two Songs


  9. Jooni papo

    @ webb Oh yeeeeah right ! Where the f–k is it ?!


  10. Name here

    j.hud song is real …i wanna hear it


  11. weezay

    #7 FTW


  12. yourboycelebrity

    TIMBALAND and DEV ???? Wow Intresting Callabo Cant Wait To Hear!


    isabella! Reply:

    @yourboycelebrity, i think its going to be the best track on the album!!!!!! i just wanna f—!!!!!!


  13. Steve

    Nicki On TWO Tracks ! #Winning. :D . I can’t wait to hear the WHOLE Album. This Line-up is Star studded.


  14. andy

    Nicki the only one with TWO songs ;) #TeamMinaj


  15. Brandon

    Weezy & Breezy


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  18. IamWhoIam

    Where is Kelly Rowland?!?!?!? I also noticed there is no Chris Willis either. This is odd for a David Guetta album. This thing is full of Hip Hop and RnB acts. Not that there is a problem with that it’s just all of these collaborations are so cliche. I was hoping for Kelly Rowland, Kanye West, and other foreign acts.


  19. OKJ

    Yeahhh!Jessie J in it!!!!Can’t wait:)


  20. Lisa

    Ummm… where’s Rihanna, Kelly Rowland and Christina Aguilera?


  21. MaZ

    Where are the Mary J. Blige & 50 cent collabos?


  22. Kyle

    Holy s*** those are some interesting collabos!!! I want to hear with one with Timbaland & Dev, Jennifer Hudson and the one with Jessie J. “One Love” is a great dance album so I will certainly be buying this album as well.


  23. :D

    This looks really promising!


  24. RDK

    this looks great,want to to hear that solo, turn me on song by nicki,the others looks great too,i think i,ll get this album…these are some great acts on this album.


  25. tbib

    Don’t want to hear this, we’re hearing too much from David Guetta here in France, i’m sick and tired of him! It’s always the same beats :/


  26. kiddcareless

    This looks like its bouta be tight legoo……nicki


  27. yhtak

    cant wait to hear the song with Chris :)


  28. olssey

    Why you didn’t make e asong with Nicole Scherzinger?????? :/


  29. Lioness

    no UK artists……crazy


    Yong Reply:

    @Lioness, Taio Cruz & Jessie J


  30. Hugh

    The track is gonna be sweet.
    and timbo is gonna be dope


  31. Fatma

    I’m curious for the Breezy and Weezy track and for the Jessie J track.

    Ofcourse, curious for all of the songs.
    Dope list with good artists!


  32. nino

    yehey! GO JENIFER HUDSON!!!


  33. clayuhvdoh

    lookin forward to hearin that track with timbo and dev


  34. Jordan K.

    Nicki twice? Can’t wait to hear the “Turn Me On” song :)


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  36. C94B

    LOL, don’t look so ecstatic, please. He enrolled Nicki on 2 songs, partly because she’s talented (which she is, I have no problem with her whatsoever), but also because she’s hot as f*ck in the US. Everything she touches turns into gold. So it is a wise and smart business decision. D-Guetta has been known in France for creating the most commercially profitable records ever since he got out of his former House DJing ways.

    That’s why, for instance, he got his songs with K. Rowland & Rihanna on the re-release of One Love, and not on another album. Everything to sell a record. That’s how music goes nowadays.


  37. brandon112809

    I already pre order this album :) since 07.28.11


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