New Music: Pleasure P – ‘How to F**k (How to Love Remix)’

Pleasure P

There must be something in the water. After Ne-Yo’s raunchy remix to Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation,” fellow crooner Pleasure P dirties up Lil Wayne’s “How to Love” with a more explicit version called “How to Fuck.” The former Pretty Ricky member equips his girl with some freaky moves on the “bedroom banger.” Don’t play this one around your mama.

Pleasure P – “How to Fuck”

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  1. kam

    funny and dope


  2. sara

    i like it


  3. kerron

    lol i wasnt expecting this to be so good


  4. Big.Deal

    But it’s not…nevermind.


  5. Ice

    “Now she all shaved up, no Harry Potterrrr.”

    I died after that line, LMAO. Pleasure killed this.


  6. King R

    He did good, he needs to make a mixtape.


  7. 3P!C

    This Is TOO FUNNNNNYYYYYY ! Pleasure P Lmfaoo


  8. Latisha

    Where is that dialogue from?


    meiple123 Reply:

    @Latisha, from Dead Presidents i think


    Latisha Reply:

    @meiple123, thanks


  9. Kat

    wtf , thiss is terrible !

    original versionn is waay better !


  10. neia neia

    i love id lol pleasure u a hot mess but in a good way


  11. ColeWorld

    hahahaha i always liked pleasure p…he need to drop an album right now!! i think this is very funny and his voice DAMNN!!


  12. Floboy86

    The dialogue is from DEAD PRESIDENTS.


  13. vladica07



  14. _ Neisha

    _ iLove pleasure p & his songs are qood bht iLOVE his voice ; ive been a fan for awhile & he does qood music tha way tha tone and beats are ! ( : <3


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