Kelly Rowland Sings in the Shower [Video]

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland can command an audience on and off the stage. The “Motivation” songstress was secretly filmed by her assistant singing in the shower. Kells, who kicks off her tour with Chris Brown later this month, showed off her vocal chops with a soaring rendition of “Part of Your World” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. “I’m a black mermaid,” declared Kelly after realizing she was being taped. Those hoping to get a peek of Kelly’s other assets are out of luck.

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  1. jay

    oh man, she is the hottest chick, i was hoping for some scenes in the shower! lol

    anyways, kelly slayin them vocals straight up! go ahead girl!


  2. Dan

    *plays video with eyes closed*

    *let’s imagination run wild*


  3. hello

    Talking about REAL vocals!


  4. Guuuuurl

    Slaaaaying The Vocals? What You Talking About Who Can’t Sing In Tune To A Cartoon Sing-a-Long? Kelly’s like Rihanna, BASIC!!!


  5. Replay

    fake as hell…. what a planed video


    Lisa Reply:

    @Replay, I feel like this was planned, too. I like Kelly, but, come on. Who sings like that in the shower? I know, I don’t.


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @Lisa, I mean she is a singer so… And everyone is not the same, my sister sings like this in the shower and my sister can’t even sing good! lol


    Myr22 Reply:

    @Lisa,dont say that when im in the shower I always try to hit the notes as best as i can but unlike kelly i cant sing so its always a hot mess…. that wasnt plan, give the girl some credit… love u kelly


  6. Will

    Remake of the Little Mermaid maybe? Just saying Ms. Rowland got the lungs.


  7. jamie

    Typical haters. The holiday is coming up. Take a break!


  8. Yeah



  9. NikkiIsChillin

    LOL! Kelly is hilarious.


    Cassidy Small Reply:

    @NikkiIsChillin, I agree. lol


  10. ..........................................

    LOL @ Jaime u hit the nail on the head!

    These ppl on here r just ridiculous! Anyone who is a true fan of Destiny’s Child will no Kelly can sing! This video is all in fun… Everyone sings in the shower rather u can sing or not! Why all the hate towards this woman?


  11. tooposh

    kelly is soo funny.. she has the biggest personality… the best x factor judge ever..


  12. wayne

    so dissaponited i can only HEAR her in the shower


  13. williNalli

    God I love thick! Talented af!



    i thought id c some ass


  15. Myr22

    wow, she slayed even in the shower but i hope this assistant got fired…lol


  16. Daria dee

    She sounds good


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