New Music: Electrik Red – ‘That’s My Bitch (Remix)’

Electrik Red

The ladies of Electrik Red put on their high heels and strut back into our lives with their raunchy remix to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne cut “That’s My Bitch.” Binkie, Lesley, Naomi, and Sarah—who are working on a follow-up to their 2009 debut How to Be a Lady: Volume 1—represent for their fellow females on their sexy and sassy version filled with girl-on-girl action and foreign tongues, plus a reworked beat. Get a boost of their girl power.

Electrik Red – “That’s My Bitch (Remix)”

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  1. Sleazy

    I looooove sarah! Like the remix


  2. LoveHer

    I love the fact that they have female fans, gay male fans, and straight guy fans, these girls are dope AF! I love all 4 of em. My favorite member is Sarah.

    Can’t wait till their new album comes out.


  3. Fa

    My favorite girl group since En Vogue/TLC!


  4. say what

    Talnted & Beautiful !


  5. R@@

    Ahhhhh I loves these chicks……THATS MY BITCH…!


  6. OsO

    a great girl group!


  7. Ice

    DOPE remix! Love Electrik Red.


  8. Kyle

    I was just listening to their album the other day and wondering when they’d release something new. I love Electrik Red. They are certainly not your average R&B group at all. A remix like this song is their forte. Binkie is my favorite.


  9. Nika

    jumping for joy…so excited for these girls…i was dying to hear sumting new from them and im satisfied. thank u ladies soooooo much. ER forever and ever AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. pArallel-intersect

    m glad to say these r ma bitches *pimp voice* with no derogatory implied++++


  11. TWANI(E)

    World Domination continues, I love love the song, so glad their back with new material. Lawd, knows those are my bitches, eooowwwwww


  12. ER!

    I’ve been looking for a girl group that can’t be compared to Destiny’s Child etc. And ER is that group. This group could go down in history if they continue the good work! Their music is so raw! I put alot of my homeboys and female friends on to them, their DOPE!


  13. wendy

    Pure Talent! Love ER!!


  14. Alejandro

    I Love ER !


  15. Leonie

    My faves!! Always the best.


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