New Music: Chris Brown x Bow Wow – ’2 Young 2 Give a F**k’

Chris Brown and Bow Wow

Chris Brown and Bow Wow go back and forth boasting about their young, fly, and flashy lifestyle on “2 Young 2 Give a Fuck,” their latest collabo. Breezy rhymes about bagging babes and Bentleys, while Bow flaunts his paper and flies in G5s over the hard-edged Harmony production. The Cash Money rapper will link up with the “Deuces” singer on the “F.A.M.E.” tour, starting October 7.

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  1. Twitter.Com/Ciaramedlies

    Bow Wow, girl, call up Cici and apologize and see if she’s willing to bless you with ANOTHER hit.


    100% true Reply:

    @Twitter.Com/Ciaramedlies, er…Cici aint made a hit herself


    Who Gonna Check Me Boo Reply:

    @100% true, …lmao


    MeloRockstarr Reply:

    @Twitter.Com/Ciaramedlies, I gope he dont flop he has been acting like something hes not since he got with cash money


  2. mikaju



  3. LuvIt



  4. DrizzyLovesLex

    I like it , but lately it seems like Bow Wow can only make qood sonqs when its with Chris . But i would really love to see Bow Wow qo back to beinq on top , evn thouqh I doubt if that happens ! Still love him tho .

    Btw im 1sttttttt ! ^_^


  5. young king breezy

    CHRIS BROWN + BOB WOW = dope


  6. laura



  7. Triniti

    No. Hell no.


  8. luvizmydrugMX

    oh yay another bow wow track talkin bout what he has!!! ….. STOP IT like forreal he needs to follow will smith and just stick to acting cause im over it i was such a fan growing up but your losing alot of ppl because its nothin to be hyped about its been the same shit since 05. its nice to SOMETIMES brag or be proud of your accomplisments but thats like the content of all your shit and anyone that wants to fight me on it lets keep in contact until dec. when his album drops and it dont selling like he think it will…

    ps: im tired of people defending artist on all these comments but im pretty sure when it comes to there singles or albums yall be the same motherfuckers who dont buy there shit either


    100% true Reply:


    Calm down people, they are just firing back at haterz, dissing them…if you are a fan just enjoy the song, but a hater knows exactly what they are saying.

    em…sometimes, you need to find out more about your favs and what they face each day.

    didn’t you hear people say bow wow was broke? sometimes, they fire back at their haters through their songs

    Chris know what to do when it comes to hits, but he plays around with bars like this one.


  9. Cranberry

    Both of them need to stop rapping. Yesterday.


  10. Stre3t Danc@



  11. Um No

    Lord when is somebody gonna tell Chris Brown the Truth. His flow is non-existent. Man I miss PAC and Biggie BIG TIME.


  12. Lisa

    Music has become so numb. Guess as long as you don’t show emotion, you’re cooking… I don’t know, it sounds okay. It’s just so basic, though. God, can we get that 80s and 90s back, PRONTO?


  13. ZANIA

    I can’t listen to the song, because I am at work,but Chris is looking yummy in that picture.


  14. Wow

    Terrible song. Bow Wow just leave the rapping alone. If you must be in the music industry, try producing. Otherwise run away and don’t look back. Truly talented with acting. That should be your focus.

    As for you Chris Brown…no comment.


  15. Vivica

    Guess why Cb and Bow wow are collaborating nowadays? They are both going to be dead-beat dads, it’s true Cb’s gf is expecting his baby. There is a photo to prove it. He also didn’t deny the rumour when it came out.


    sharlyn Reply:

    @Vivica, actually, Karrueche (his gf who was supposed to be pregnant according to MTO) denied the rumor….


    WonderLand19 Reply:

    @Vivica, Why would you read Media Take Out? That whole blog is pure lies.


  16. Ricardo

    Bow wow ur time is up and now u pretending to be like the new cats with a buzz like Wiz Khalifa big Sean j Cole. These new cats are in their class now u pretending to be one of them pse follow will Smith


  17. Kayla

    I love it! Chris and Bow make another hit!


  18. BLAZE

    That was a cute spark love breezy tho


  19. himid zowange

    hell yeah…… weezy u are the best hip hop ever had, and there goes 2 breezy…he is the best r n b singer…middle finger 2 haters


  20. kingremy

    haahaah am nat sure about ths pict!


  21. Hane

    i L_O_V_E dis music i L_O_V_E dis music video i almost know all the words thatz how many times i ectahwd LOVE bowwow and twist my boo!!!!!!!! omg


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