Fat Joe Can’t Resist J.Lo’s Ass Any Longer

Fat Joe and Jennifer Lopez

When it comes to Jennifer Lopez, there’s one question that longtime friend and collaborator Fat Joe gets all the time.

People always be like, “Yo, what that ass look like?,” the “Lean Back” rapper told Rap-Up.com. “I’m like, ‘My man, I can’t look at her. I’d be embarrassed to be looking.’” But when the newly single J.Lo brought out Joe during a show at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun over the weekend, even he admitted to finally copping a quick peek.

“Honestly, I’ve never looked at J.Lo’s ass,” said Joey Crack, who will release his mixtape The Darkside, Vol. 2 on Halloween. “Never. It would be disrespectful for her to look at me like a brother figure and then when she turns around, I’m staring at her ass. But the other night, I’m watching the performance and she’s wearing some beige shit and I couldn’t avoid it. It was right there. [Laughs] So I finally seen it. I told her about it too and was like, ‘Yo, listen, that beige suit? I’ve always been the brother, but your ass was there, like…’ She started laughing.”

Lopez performed as part of Mohegan Sun’s 15th anniversary concert, which saw the singer bring Joe onstage to perform “Feelin’ So Good” off her 1999 debut On the 6. “It’s always a great thing to perform with her,” shared Joe. “She don’t do too many shows and she called me up and was like, ‘Could you please come out with me?’ I have major love for her and a lot of respect because I happen to know where she comes from and how hard it was to make it out of the Bronx, let alone make it to an iconic status. I respect everything about the lady.”

While the two performers have no new tracks in the works, Joe said the door is always open for future collaborations.

–Jason Newman

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  1. jimscreechie

    Dat A$$


  2. BeyonceEsmee

    I mean, c’mon.. Beyoncé’s ass is waaaayyy better!


    johnjohn Reply:

    @BeyonceEsmee, just google and compare.



    Bey Stan Reply:

    @johnjohn, Jlo ass is too big.
    Bey all the way.


    Ice Reply:

    @johnjohn, co-sign, I been watchin it bounce since In Living Color


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @BeyonceEsmee, Kinda flat compared to J.Lo’s. Even as a woman I can say I don’t like hers. Never been impressed by J.Lo’s either, however. :o/


  3. Replay

    Beyonce’s ass is better? Haha are u kidding, jlo ass -> nicki minaj -> all stars ass!


    Jamaican Reply:

    @Replay, nooo jlo’s ass is all star because hers is all real. Minaj’s isn’t!


    Street dreams Reply:

    @Replay, Beyonce n°1 ass and J.Lo n°2. Minaj got a fake ass


  4. Boy Wonder

    Some ppl would die if they couldn’t compare ppl. #STFU


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Boy Wonder, LOL


  5. IAmWhoIam

    Death at you dirt queens trying to bring Yawnce into this. JLo is the original A$$ spokeswoman.


  6. shocked

    Is this really even a damn story??? Come on Rap Up we can do better.


    Mike Reply:

    @shocked, lighten up loser. this was funny.


  7. Edwin

    JLo’s Ass > Man Gotta Love That Woman She’s Fine!!


  8. Pusha T

    i bet he stare at her like figure brother who can’t control himself ,gives us a break fatty joe , i bit you enjoy it since the first day you met her lol.


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