Video: V V Brown – ‘Children’

V V Brown

British singer V V Brown comes out to play in the video for “Children,” the lead single from her sophomore album Lollipops & Politics, due February 7.

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  1. Jordan Gabriel

    the production’s good too ;)


  2. WonderLand19

    I really like her voice. Love that its soo rich. I dont really like this song though.


  3. Fa

    knock knock
    VV: “who is it?”
    Miss C: “Its Naomi, can you return my old wig please?
    in return I offer you killer bone structure and cheeck bones to die for!”
    VV: Sorry, sure!


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Fa, You tried to be cute. Better luck next time.


    Fa Reply:

    @From Tokyo,The hair is a mess, the hippy style-wink is lame and can not cover up the fact that she has never had a kate moss body…she looks like every other blog bitch from london…and a voice would do her good too!
    I am a bitch , not cute!
    truth hurts now sit your as down ho!
    cause it rhymes with toki-o!


    [email protected] Reply:


    Lol you rhymed ho with toyko….You really are cute, you should just stick with that, the role of the internet Bi*** is not for everybody.

    “never had a kate moss body” Wow….you must have some sort of grudge against V.V. brown that goes as far back as you can say “never had”. So what’s the deal? She stole your spot on a london runway? There has to be some logical reason why your mad…


    Fa Reply:

    @[email protected], Ho and tokyo, that’s the nikki minaj low budget level we are dealing with here…yess ma’m! I am sick and tired of bad presentations and low budget no content material that is released. VV is just one of 100s of bad major releases ever year. luke warm singing, irrelevant lyrics and messy presentation and the kids are blog slaves all wearing the same , talking the same and listening to the same shit…from every point of view, even as a stylist, you must admit this video is below an international release…


    credit Reply:

    @Fa, i see and i kind of agree, it just seemed a lot more personal than that lol

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  5. JazzoRenee

    I like VV, she is as far removed from cookie cutter as one can get and that’s what I like about her.


  6. ed

    i like.


  7. Angles

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