50 Cent Chops It Up with Rachael Ray [Video]

50 Cent

50 Cent turned up the heat in Rachael Ray’s kitchen on her daytime talk show. The hip-hop mogul, who was there to promote his young adult novel Playground and Street King energy drink, participated in some funny games with the domestic diva.

In “50 in 50,” he was given 50 seconds to sell Rachael’s audience on some crazy products including the world’s smallest thong and a boob-shaped ice cube tray.

50 also played “The Big 3,” answering a quick round of questions including the sexiest thing he’s done to get a date and the one song he would have stuck in his head forever. Plus he gave Rachael a hilarious hip-hop nickname that she’ll be taking to the bedroom.

“50 in 50”

“The Big 3”

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  1. hahaha



  2. Speechless

    I havent seen anyone try to rock braids like that since the 8th grade


  3. Truth

    Deadddd at this dudes braids


  4. NikkiIsChillin

    I respect 50 as a hustler and business man, but these braids are a no-no.


  5. Randy

    i assumed the braids were for a move role. 50 never had crazy hair styles until he started doing movies. i dont know why people assume he just wearing his hair like that as fashion.


  6. ESCO

    what’s the big deal ? it’s for a movie he’s doing with nicolas cage.


  7. j2unit

    Its for a movie role


  8. Posh

    Very Funny. I luv 50. Great business man & fun personality.


  9. yeahyeah

    Braids, movie roll or not, take that off.


  10. yeahyeah



  11. Wayne

    is he playing a douche?


  12. okthen

    their actually called cornrows which are a type of braid and their part of hiphop culture its a black thang you wouldnt get it!


  13. okthen

    p.s jus like the afro and other black peoples hair styles are we good now!


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