Video: Common – ‘Sweet’


Common experienced a life-changing moment during his recent trip to Haiti to shoot the video for “Sweet,” a cut off his upcoming album The Dreamer/The Believer. Over the course of four days, he and director Phil the God captured the beauty of the country on camera following the devastating 2010 earthquake. Proceeds from the premiere were donated to the J/P Haitian Relief Organization to assist with relief efforts.

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  1. rudy

    i love common!


  2. Audrey Hepburn

    Why are not more comments on such a positive post? Very proud of Common. He’s a true lyrical talent and visionary for the ppl.


  3. Mzz_Remy

    Common = AMAZING! <3


  4. robert

    yeah def agree we need more post about common. “testify” “i want you” and “go” were great moments for not just hip hop, but music in general.


  5. Tony

    the fuck common? lol haven’t seen this hard side of common in some time. cussin at ppl in videos and what not. Respect though. Good song


  6. This Week In Hip-Hop | Luv Music Now

    [...] Watch Common roll the streets of Haiti in his new music video, “Sweet“. The music video kicks off with a scene of the busy streets of Haiti. People riding their motor cycles, cars, selling in the streets, basically living their everyday life on a fine cloudy day. We then see Common walking down the street and taking a stroll in the narrow alleys while the camera captures the locals hanging about. Wearing a simple shirt and jeans, Common spits out rhymes as he rides at the back of a truck, going all out with hand gestures that reminds you of what hip-hop rapping is all about. One of the emotional part of this video is how Common’s angry message and way of rapping is reflected on the faces of the locals, appearing like they’re feeling the song or screaming for something. Then from the tight spaces of the streets we are then taken to a high location giving us a amazing view of Haiti, from it’s small houses, to the big mountains. It will actually make you wonder how this place was destroyed in last year’s earthquake. The video was filmed in the course of four days, with director Phil the God taking beautiful scenes that are unique to the country. Proceeds from the premiere were donated to the J/P Haitian Relief Organization to assist with the ongoing relief efforts. [Source] [...]

  7. @LastQueen_TRaww

    I Love It
    We Need More Rappers Like This


  8. unplugged

    i feel like the song was a bit short. i loved it thought but wish it was longer. cant wait for the album though


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