Alicia Keys and Bono Speak Out About Ending AIDS [Video]

Alicia Keys and Bono

In honor of World AIDS Day, Alicia Keys sat down with Bono to discuss the battle against HIV/AIDS. The Keep a Child Alive co-founder and U2 frontman shared the advancements in medicine and science that are helping to end the epidemic.

“If you are able to be treated, then 96 percent of the time you will not spread the virus,” Alicia told George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America.” “It’s a tremendous breakthrough.”

Added Bono, “This is why we can say this is the beginning of the end to AIDS. This is probably the greatest act of courage in my view since the second World War, what the U.S. has done here.”

Alicia was hopeful that soon AIDS will be eradicated. “No matter who you are, we can all agree that we want an AIDS-free generation,” she said. “We have the possibility to be the generation, to have a legacy that we can say we created an AIDS-free generation.”

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  1. Shame

    Hey Alicia Keys, im all for the cause, and preventing AIDS, however youre not a good example to look at when you sleep with Married men, and steal husbands. Sorry.


    PhoenixReborn Reply:

    @Shame, Why harp on a story that happened ten million years ago? Not all marriages start in “fairy tale” land where two single people find each other and fall madly in love. Plus, I think HIV/AIDS is a more important issue than how she got married.


    TayshakeepsItReal Reply:

    @Shame, DAMN! LOL you went in!S/0 to Mashonda! But let’s remember this is about HIV/AIDS and this is a good cause for her to be involved in.


    Anita Reply:

    That’s your opinion because to a lot of people, including me, Alicia is an inspiration and to those kids in Africa she is an angel. Anyway what she does in her personal life is really her business and to accuse her of acts you know absolutely nothing about is just childish. God bless her for caring enough about others to try and make a difference. So go ahead and hide behind your computer and bad mouth her all you want, because you’re never going to make any difference at all–while she continues to be the amazing woman she has always been.


    Karen Reply:

    Yes, your name suits you well and SHAME on you for putting this lady down in any way with all the good she is trying to accomplish.


    KayKay Reply:

    @Shame, Really? that’s the important bit you got from this video? you are so backward, i genuinely feel sorry for you.


  2. Sarah

    What is people beef with Alicia Keys? Don’t they know it just makes them look as if they are trying find something negative on her? I don’t see people in Chris Brown posts calling him a woman beater or R.Kelly’s calling him a pedophile. Bring that up ecspecially on this topic is irrelevant. She’s doing something to help, are you? Catch her Documentary tonight on Showtime.


  3. DeeJay

    I love the yellow blazer. Alicia love you, Im going to see the play. When is that album coming? LOL, like she actually read these sites. Well that little laugh made my day.


  4. nicegirl

    It’s great to see Alicia supporting so many charities and foundations. I can’t wait to hear new music from her.


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    รถเข็นเด็ก || Alicia Keys and Bono Speak Out About Ending AIDS [Video]

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