Rihanna Gets Fitted for a Grill for ‘You Da One’ Video


Rihanna brought the cameras along as she got fitted for a custom grill for her “You Da One” video. The sexy superstar tried to talk while the mold was in her mouth, hilariously explaining why she was getting a grill.

“I only want the bottom done with fangs,” she said as the technicians took her impressions backstage at her show at Dublin’s O2.

The video for “You Da One” was shot last month in London with director Melina.

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  1. hi

    attention seeking since her album has flopped in the US.


    merceda Reply:

    @hi, stop giving it to her then


    Dexlovesrih! Reply:

    @hi, Lmao far from flopped bitch!!! WFL bout to get it’s 7th week at number1 while your bitter ass sit there looking sad!!read it and weep slut!lol y’all said the same for LOUD and Rated R ..like girlll sit!!


    Lauryn Reply:

    @Dexlovesrih!, Talking About THT. Not Her Singles!!! Goooooooosh


    Fan of a fan Reply:

    @hi, Shut the fuck up


    CarlosBonegro Reply:

    @hi, man you a hater haha and i aint even a rihanna or nothing


    yun9reezy Reply:

    @CarlosBonegro, a Rihanna or nothing? That makes no sense.


    bigtymer Reply:

    @hi, flopped? um not exactly homie, she’ll make dough off her singles alone. With her continuing reign over the charts, even though her album sales were lackluster, it doesnt matter in her case (she’s still super popular) #justsayin…


    sabrina part 2 Reply:

    @hi, wow Shut the hell up w/ that None sense commentionly u made U such a hater


    Jessica Reply:

    @hi, her singles are going nutts out here so idk wht u tlkin bout???


  2. bitch please

    she bad you mad :)


  3. Tevin

    how the hell can her album be a flop it just came out NONE OF HER ALBUMS SOLD atlot the first week she later went on to sell 6X PLATNIUM WITH LOUD WORLDWIDE! #SHEBADYUMAD?


    THETRUTH Reply:

    @Tevin, I think he was talking about “talk that talk” it sold 200,000 in the first week but it isn’t doing as well as expected- BTW Gaga had the best selling album in a week, 2nd Lil Wayne and 3rd Drake


    Rihanna Stan Reply:

    @THETRUTH, gaga sold her album for a dollar. i rest my case .


  4. Zzzzzzz....

    It’s 2011. Grills are old news if you aren’t a Southern rapper or Kanye West.


  5. Fan of a fan

    Can’t wait for The video :D


    Rihanna and lady gaga Stan Reply:

    @Fan of a fan, let’s go!!! that pregnant heifer better watch and learn.


  6. Giamma

    Again fans of lessor gurls who know shit about styling wanna comment about Rihanna’s!?

    btw 6 weeks for We Found Love atop!




    Jfenty Reply:

    @Giamma, Amen to that!


    Billionaire Reply:

    @Jfenty, Co-sign RN!


    KillBill Reply:

    @Giamma, WFL don’t make up for the sales of TTT. Rihanna and LA betta continue to by that single.


    hot to def Reply:

    @KillBill, and nothing can make up for that bullshit 4 album. bey better continue with stunts to keep ppl interested.


  7. Jordyn

    Her eyes hella fvcking pretty.


    RAH RAH Reply:

    @Jordyn, Worddd. I almost got lost in those bitches.


  8. Billionaire

    Such a cool girl! Grills with fangs…cannot wait!


  9. I love her!

    i cannot get enough of her..her laugh at the end made me laugh..she’s crazy :)


  10. Audrey Hepburn

    LOL. She’s so free-spirited and full of life. Not to mention funny and witty. Love this girl :)

    “No Teeth!” – Rihanna lmbo


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  12. samanthalauryn

    Ha! You could still hear her accent while she was speaking with that thing in her mouth. That was cute. I wonder what it’s like to be all up in her mouth? O__o


  13. Me

    actually her albums are one of the only ones i can listen to every song


  14. RiRi Fan




  15. Mitchell S Jackson

    Rihanna is my Bajan bitch!!!! Too bad her n my sweety Chris ain’t work out but she still vibes!!!


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    Dollar Sign Grille Silver…

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  17. michelle

    im a hater i hate her for being in breezy life i used to like now i hate her i dont wanna lie,i hate her ego the way she dresses everything about her she is a foreigner and made someone life very uncomfortable in his home thats why im a hater


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