Mystikal Signs to Cash Money Records


Mystikal is the newest member of the Cash Money family. Just weeks after welcoming Busta Rhymes, YMCMB has added another veteran rapper to its star-studded lineup.

Cash Money Records CEO and founder Birdman signed the New Orleans native to the label in November, with his first album for Cash Money due next spring.

“It is an honor to get the opportunity to work with Mystikal, as we have a long history together,” said Birdman. “He is a great artist and his talent, combined with our hard work and strong team, is going to result in some of the best music of his career. We are expecting great work from Mystikal. Slim and I already have him in the studio working on his first album for Cash Money.”

Mystikal’s first single for Cash Money, entitled “Original,” features Lil Wayne and Baby. The club banger will debut today on New York radio station Hot 97.

“It has been a truly long time since I have felt like a rapper and with this signing, and partnership, Birdman and Slim have given me my life as a rapper back,” stated Mystikal, who topped the charts with his 2000 hit “Shake Ya Ass.” “I am ready to go. I am going to put my red Superman drawers, cape and boots on and go! This is a huge moment for me and I am truly excited to be with Cash Money Records.”

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  1. Yeah

    welp just lost a fan


    uhuh Reply:

    @Yeah, why were a fan of mr ‘shake ya ass’ anyways?


  2. Mike504

    I remember when Cash Money had beef with Mystikal, but I’m glad they put that aside and grew up. Now they can make money. It’s good to see more New Orleans rappers getting shine.


  3. Merline Stevens

    Welcome Back my G,,funny I didn’t even notice you where gone. I take that back. You where missed. I know the game is looking forward to you doing ur thing.again . Best of luck on everythng. “Happy Hoildays” Feliz novDav” Epic…


  4. 152565

    YMCMB is a joke. They keep signing all these people and most of them haven’t even released an album.


    Deme89 Reply:

    @152565, I Know Rite -____-


    KillBill Reply:

    @152565, You are so true, Busta hasn’t had a hit in like forever, Bow Wow he needs to just sit down, Tyga has been introduced with Nicki and Drake and his album has yet to surface, Lil Wayne is spending instead of making money.



    Busta and Mystikal should just go independent and release their own music. Only people Baby and Wayne care about is the ones that making them money Nicki and Drake so good luck with album that you going to be working own for the next decade


  6. Will

    Im hoping Mystical works with The Neptunes again for this new album they had great hits together.


  7. Will

    YMCMB is a good label they are about building artists up and making good releases and its good that Tygas album got pushed back. The clearances take time also same thing happened with Drakes Take Care album ita all part of the business and making sure you have a good release. Tygas album is dropping in January now right in the first quarter of 2012, same with Bow Wow. Now the only artist im questioning is Jay Sean because his album was supposed to have already came out. I guess cause non of his songs were big hits on Billboard they have decided to delay the album and these things happen on every label. You want your artist to sell records and make a lot of money for the company it works both ways.


  8. Tim

    The heading should read, Rapist Thug Signs To Cash Money Records.


    penelope Reply:

    @Tim, that’s really not necessary. You need to grow up. I take it you never made a bad decision? Better yet was you there to know if it really happened or not? Don’t judge!!!!!


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  10. youngmoneysux



  11. RDK

    the mystic is doing is thing.


  12. hmm

    everyone keeps saying YMCMB..he’s signed to CASH MONEY RECORDS with BUSTA & BOWWOW..not YMCMB is wayne..CASHMONEY is baby


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  14. juAn

    Cool! This partnership just might work…


  15. @hermburger830

    Mystikal vs Busta Rhymes . That’s a lot lyrical talent. Two of the greatest Under one label.#cashmoney


  16. me

    Though I hate the fact that he’s a rapist, he got talent. I hope Pharrell does more tracks on his album. Their previous songs were hot!


  17. The Truth

    Too bad he’s a convicted rapist and deserves to be castrated.


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  19. M B

    Very soon I will be in cash money records. All d way from AFRICA. BirdMan is my Man. Keep d jet flying baby.


  20. chris thompson

    cash money i wish everbody would come back juvy bg m.fresh turk yall brng th dirty south shit for real awesome beats and raps and th other awesome rappers of th dirty dirty no limit crew who dat latr


  21. revis anderson

    They did the mother fucking right thing because he’s a fucking beast!!!! On the mic!!! Im from charlotte nc, we love that real shit!! That single get me throught my day!! Everday!! Repeat!! Damn !! Damn now yall need mac!!! And its a wrapp!! Need more music for the real niggas trying to get it right! Far as money, bitchs that gave up on a nigga when he down and so calledfriends! Help the hood out again!! Get right music! Thats what i call it!! We love that cmb shit any way since bg was by him self on cashmoney!! Well i herd him first, but charlotte niggas got love for ymcmb! Fuck wit me.


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