Toni Braxton Talks Dating Outside Her Race, Speaks Russian on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Toni Braxton

Nothing was off limits when Toni Braxton sat down with Chelsea Handler on her talk show. The Grammy-winning diva opened up about dating a white man (“I’m playing in the snow”), the scents of different races, going on dates with her ex-husband, and she even said a few words in Russian. Chelsea proposed to her new pal that they travel the world together “trying out” different men. Oh yeah, and she plugged her reality show “Braxton Family Values.”

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    Toni, Toni, Toni!

    You give me hope for my 40′s! You look good girl!


  2. arisea

    Toni is gorgeous.


  3. From Tokyo

    Why make comments like that, even in jest? You really ARE just playing if you think like that. *sigh*


  4. Trent

    OMGG i lov Both of there Shoes


  5. Dominique

    I am so saddened to see one of the great voices and artists being reduced to this. I am a huge Toni fan but this interview was crass and cheap. What forty-something woman with kids speaks of her sex life on TV. It was so cringe worthy. She needs to quit this god awful braxton tv shit and focus on rebuilding her music career. Stints like this on Chelsea Lately will NOT help at all! Did ‘Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business’ help Brandy?! Exactly.

    Ps. Im not a hater, i love Toni but this was WRONG.


    Audrey Hepburn Reply:

    @Dominique, Absolutely. And to top it off, Toni Braxton is far to huge of a celebrity to hang out with the likes of that trashhole Chelsea. That show is nothing but a circus and Toni is far too grown to be talking like that.


    Treyy Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn,

    Too huge for Chelsea? Why was Taylor Swift on there then? or Adele? or Mary J? or Rihanna?


  6. Triniti

    All this “snowflake” stuff is cute and all, but’s 2011. Interracial dating is not so strange.

    The Russians, on the other hand, appear to love Toni, regardless. She can sing “Unbreak My Heart” as lackluster as she possibly can and they gobble it up.


  7. Treyy


    I guess Mary J Blige & Rihanna and Adele and Taylor Swift should have never stooped sooooo low either…. -___- Chelesea Lately is a fun, “out there” interview and that’s what people expect and give when they go on that show and that’s why ppl watch. Calm down.


  8. Treyy

    Toni looks AMAZING! I hope she puts out an album next year. BFV really has given her a new, fresh buzz. With singles that are grown & sexy, but still fresh and current, she can def pull a Mary J Blige and remain popular for years to come, R&B wise.


  9. Ky

    Love Toni and Chelsea!


  10. K-Mac

    Shes kinda funny. Both!


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