New Music: Cherlise – ‘Under the Mistletoe’

Under the Mistletoe

Cherlise puckers up “Under the Mistletoe,” her sexy new Christmas record. The Division1 songstress only wants one thing—to spend the holidays with her loved one. “This Christmas, promise you’ll be there, under the mistletoe,” she coos. Have yourself a grown and sexy Christmas.

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  1. Tryagain

    This bitch is a Kelly Rowland wanna-be. Rico love tries to re-create a new Kelly but he fails real hardddd. She does not stand out from the crowd like Kelly does with her rich voice and looks.


    Chitown Reply:

    @Tryagain, stop comparing people. it’s so petty. find something better to do with your life.


    Jerry Reply:

    @Chitown, cosign chi town. nobody even thinking that besides you. paranoid over protective ass. pressed


  2. Marvin

    Who is this? I have never heard of her. How long has she been around?


  3. Scot Louie

    Uhm @Tryagain .. bitch you need to TRY AGAIN. Hating gets you no where , your fucking whack. Fall back before #TeamCherlise merks your ass.

    Anyway on a lighter note. Cherlise is my client (I style her) and i’m so proud to see her on Rap-Up. This song is hot


  4. Me

    lol it does sound very similar to kelly, and got a DC vibe… can they sue lol


  5. Thewarrior

    It does it indeed sound like Kelly Rowland, I get where Tryagain is coming from though.. Kelly has some killer looks and a rich voice. This girl looks and sounds good but she should just do her and leave Kelly’s sound alone.


  6. Something Elsee

    she sounds NOTHING like Kelly. idek why she’s a subject when this post is about CHERLISE. she is CHERLISE and she looks and sounds like CHERLISE. stfu… on another note Rico Love and one division is doing well 2012. the takeover. #TeamCherlise #TeamTeairra etc. much love. this song is on repeat. beautiful voice.. beautiful producing. that is all.


  7. GeeDaaDon

    nothing to do with key rowland y all people are just with poo in your ears and mind, you wanna compare everything


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