New Music: Gucci Mane – ‘The Motto’ + ‘Rack City’ Remixes

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane went on a remix binge, rhyming over anything he could get his hands on including two hits from Young Money. The Brick Squad rapper adds his flow to Drake’s “The Motto” (“Higher than a white boy, I’m Slim Shady”) and pays a visit to Tyga’s “Rack City” with his boastful bars.

“I got Diarrhea today Burrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! tweeted Gucci. “WANNA THANK MY FANS SERIOUSLY. IM BACK ON MY TRAP SHIT BURRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“The Motto (Remix)”

“Rack City (Remix)”

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  1. uhuh

    the ratchetness in that tweet! hahhaahahahah


  2. Aimanos

    Atleast this time around he actually making sence and not just screaching “Buuur” down a mic.


    Ice Reply:

    @Aimanos, I agree, this was actually tolerable unlike some of his past stuff


  3. it's me letters

    the belly!


  4. nicegirl

    Pretty good!


  5. Meshia

    Ily gucci


  6. chris

    guccis improving,look like he gonna deserve that name now.


  7. @SmileyNthahood

    ayeeeee , Guccccccccccci . . . loved dem both !


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