Chris Richardson Set to Release Young Money Debut in May

Birdman and Chris Richardson

You may remember him from “American Idol.” Now Season 6 finalist Chris Richardson is set to release his debut album via Young Money. The 27-year-old pop singer, who appears on Tyga’s single “Far Away,” sat down with his label boss Birdman to discuss his addition to the YMCMB roster.

“I think he’s a special talent. He’s definitely a sensational artist on our brand, YMCMB,” said Birdman in the Derick G. video.

The Virginia-bred crooner’s debut is due in May. “I’m really, really family oriented so just having the camaraderie of everybody at this label is something so special,” said Richardson. “I can’t really explain it, but it definitely is inspiring.”

Watch the video for his first single “In the Name of Love” below.

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  1. Stacy B.

    I remember Chris. He was one of my favorites on his season. Go Chris! I’ll be checking for your album!


  2. Sportz

    He’s signed to Cash Money not Young Money.


  3. Stacy B.

    oh, btw Congrats on your signing with Young Money!


  4. wonderLand19

    YMCMB taking on ANOTHER artist? It must be 21826492198394 artists now and only 3 of them have albums out.
    What about cultivating the artists you already have. They spread themselves too thin young money.
    Where is the Tyga promo? Rack City is killing it on itunes, No.11 right now but where is the promo for that song or even the album which is supposed to come this month? Tyga deserves better.
    Signing to YMCMB isn’t amazing, ask Gudda Gudda.


    slickjville Reply:

    @wonderLand19, none of young money artist get promo right look at pink friday and take care they didnt have promo they just had relese date and that was it. tyga is killin it right now and YMCMB know what they doing


  5. KillBill92

    If I had a chance to join Young Money I wouldn’t I feel like I will be lost in the abundance of artist they have. I thought their was a line up of whose going to release an album.


  6. Lauryn

    Ugly Man. #birdwoman


  7. Big Sean

    Young Money seems to be only Drake, Nicki and Lil Wayne…the other ones who have garnered recognition like Tyga and Lil Twist have done it of their own accord through their mixtapes and internet blogging. All YMCMB has contributed to Tyga is delaying his album. How unfortunate


  8. hmm

    the only artist only ymcmb are those that were in the bedrock video and a new lil boy, every one else is with cash money..but they all call themselves ymcmb


  9. nicegirl

    He’s talented, hopefully he gets the right promotion.


  10. Jay

    Ok. WoW. I’ve been a fan of Chris since AI. Glad to hear he’s back at it. I’m loving this song! They need to put that on itunes for real!


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