Tyga Unveils ‘Faded’ Single Artwork, Delays Album


Tyga gets animated on the comical cover for “Faded,” his new single featuring Lil Wayne. The song is set to hit digital retailers on January 24, while his current hit “Rack City” sits in the top 5 on iTunes.

Despite the single’s success, his Young Money album Careless World: Rise of the Last King has been pushed back from its January 24 release date. A new date has yet to be announced.

In addition to collaborations with Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Robin Thicke, Drake, and Big Sean, Tyga hinted that he has recorded with Nas for the album.

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  1. W

    Really tyga?! Delayed again wtf


  2. Breezy

    smh typical young money pushback after pushback after pushback i remember in 2009 he said he was gonna drop this


  3. Miszi

    Oh come on… I really thought it will finally be released… oh well :/ . Don’t like the cover but the album should be awesome.


  4. Visuals

    These people need to start getting better artists to do their covers… none of this Highschool, MSpaint bull Step up the art game


  5. CarlosBonegro

    hahahahahhahahahhahahahaha delayed again hahahahhahahaha


  6. jojo



  7. Phoenix_Wright

    how the hell is it getting delayed!! You have a potential hit out right now! Get that album out while Rack City is still rising smh. It better only get pushed back by at most a month


    leah Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, agreed!!


  8. The Chosen One

    I Don’t get this delay


  9. KeepItReal

    so ya’ll know his album ain’t gonna come out anytime soon right. neither is lil twist


  10. nicegirl

    Yet another album pushback…now choose a date and stick to it.


  11. Trey

    Stop pushing this album back. That’s dumb. Nicki come out in Feb. how long y’all delaying this album????


  12. freddycarrasco

    google my name if you need artwork for albums.. i can run circles around this cover. dont believe me?.. all it takes is a couple seconds to find out :P


  13. |3eautie

    It may just be me, but the girl on the cover reminds me of Bonnie from Kim Possible.


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