New Music: Cherlise f/ Fat Joe – ‘I’m So Ready’


Cherlise gets some encouragement from her mentor Fat Joe on “I’m So Ready,” a sexy cut off her DJ Khaled-hosted mixtape GroundZero, dropping Monday. With the radio blasting in the back seat, the Division1 songstress gets ready to take her relationship to the next level as she coos over the slinky beat, written and produced by herself and Pierre Medor.

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  1. KMart

    she needs to close her legs hahaha #notattractive but at least she wrote and produced this (along with pierre medor) – true artists write their own songs lol


  2. Leah

    Bitch! Getting Fat Joe on this track was your first mistake! LOL second mixtape was havein ya legs open like that smhhh! but besides that i like the song, this is some r&b ish gurll! but i know teairra is on division 1 to i wonder how she feels to have another girl singer on the label, watch ya back girl! GOOD LUCK!


  3. Alfonso

    why is y’all fukin’ hatin on this new artist dat u didnt even get 2 know, give her a damn chance. god damn i haters in the world today. no one can ever do right by nobody & everybody. everybody is like a epic fail, overrated, feel off (the charts), keep it movin u fukin haters


  4. Mekababy

    Love it and I like Teairra Mari also..hope it works with 2 females on this label.I could see Teairra leaving this label. She’s passionate about her career at this point.


  5. MusiqLover

    I like this. Very smooth and catchy.


  6. Scot Louie



  7. nicegirl

    I love this song. But close your legs…it looks like you’re not wearing anything.


  8. ashgino

    she looks like Kirk Franklin’s wife


  9. Hugh

    When was the last time a girl produced her own music?!
    Missy Elliot

    Nice song. Fat joe has been good lately




    Mariah Carey, Madonna, Lauryn Hill as far as I know co produce either some their music or vocals. They are involved throughout all the creative process. Yes, there should be more and I am sure there could be more females to add to the list but they struggle to get the credit. We all know it is still a male dominated industry and that is no joke.


    Hugh Reply:

    @OH_GREAT_ITS_HER, thanks for the info


  10. Phoenix_Wright

    Well I don’t mind the open legs. Looks like there is a meal down there if you know what I mean ;P

    Anyway the song is cool, Fat Joe isn’t needed. She doesn’t need rappers on her tracks just like the one before this, (the one with Lil Wayne “Love U Right”).


  11. tee

    sucks ass


  12. joe franco

    LOVE THIS!!!


  13. C1

    Love it!!!!!


  14. Carl

    Don’t really like her voice, I prefer Teairra.


  15. Casey

    Its nice. sensual and fresh!


  16. pia

    It’s about time we get new artists. I so tired of listening to the same ones with not talent. I love this song and her voice is amazing. Yes the radio stations are going to eat this up.


  17. Trent

    Well I’m not a fan of her Voice its ok nothing all that about it and Yess I’m with all who said she needs not to have them legs open like that really with that tall Boot on . Teairra is wayyyy better then this girl I’m sure she isn’t thinking bout her


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