Dr. Dre Gives Rick Ross a $100,000 Watch for His Birthday [Video]

Rick Ross and Dr. Dre

Not only did Dr. Dre show up to Rick Ross’ birthday bash in Miami, he also presented the Bawse with a lavish gift. The West Coast vet threw down $100,000 on a diamond-encrusted Hublot watch for his new pal.

While in town, the two also hit the studio. “Just spoke to my biggest musical influence for the 1st time,” Rozay previously tweeted. “Dr. Dre just changed my life with a phone call.”

Diddy, Ne-Yo, Cassie, Wiz Khalifa, and Amber Rose were also among the VIP guests at Amnesia for the weekend-long festivities.

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  1. YM

    Dre should’ve gave him couple of 50 cent albums.



    @YM, hahaha lmfao!!!


    G-TRA Reply:

    @YM, hahahaha.. i still dont think thatd work


  2. true love

    Why is he spending that kind of money on Rick Ross??? Just asking.


    mistwalker Reply:

    @true love, who said it was all his $$ ?


  3. li

    @truelove…..$100k is nothing to dre.


  4. Jaymalls

    @YM, lol… interscope gotta start handing them out for free… they aint gonna lose money selling them!!!


  5. WatchTheThrone

    So glad dre can start teaching other rappers besides 50. So many years and 50 is still an ungracious cocky douche making wannabe hardcore music.


  6. mane

    damn everybody riding with the cop except eminem,,


  7. nicegirl

    $100 000 for a watch???!! It better last his whole life. Party looked like a blast though.


  8. saio

    oh no
    dr dre work with officer ricky & dj faggot
    if officer ricky gonna do a song with eminem hip hop gonna die


  9. frenchy

    fuckkkk rick ross !!!!!!! rick ross = fake !!!!!!! rick ross = police


  10. AMX

    why the fuck they did nt say i gave him my rolls royce :S


  11. Bizzle

    Em is a tru frnd of 50, i tell u..he’ll never ever be associated with rick ross for as long as 50 is feuding with him. and here is a other thing bout Em, hes doesnt need to co-sign a new rapper in the game to stay relavant, Hes stays in his mansion records, masturbate a couple of times, & gets calls from these other artists for a callabo. Eminem is antisocial, a psycho, a weirdo, a drug addict, non-conformist, a pervet. Him and 50 are real friends so rick ross thinks hes got 50 team riding,nah dre is very soft, he used to crossdress and worelipstick gooogle them pictures, no photoshopiin real shit…but not Em


  12. BeTo Flow

    Se quedO Lil Wayne & The Game los mejores


  13. ebuka

    Y’all talkin sh*t dr dre is a legend nd rickross is a bawse leave fifty out of ds…


  14. Komarce @ wespool

    Why u’ll blabing criticisms ova dre meetin rozay? Dre knows best ‘cos he’s got an eye…..rmb he saw 50.


  15. lokjd

    think dre wanted ricks ass.


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