New Music: Brandon Hines f/ Jermaine Dupri – ‘Yes You Are’

Brandon Hines

Jermaine Dupri introduces his newest artist Brandon Hines. The R&B singer, who is signed to So So Def/Revel/Epic, pens a love letter to his girl on his tender single “Yes You Are.” “Girlfriend, wifey, my boo, you are everything,” he sings on the ’90s-reminiscent R&B jam, which was written and produced by J.D. and Bryan-Michael Cox. If you like what you hear, the song will be available on iTunes this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Thisdoesnotmakesense

    Why r r&b singers these days unable to write their own songs? This song is wack



    YES BRANDON! love the music, vocals and stlye but Chile we already know everything you sing about in your music is about Trey, everybody from VA already know yall used to fuck and suck CHILE BOO!


    damnnnn Reply:

    @CHILE BOO!, lmao…what?? stop hating …he is having a good time and yall just tryna ruin it


  3. @blowthewhistle_

    love this song


  4. King R

    Brandon is a beast but worst thing you coulda done is signing with jermaine! look what happened to dondria need i say more.


  5. Ice

    Never heard of him, but I love it and he’s def on my radar now.


    Jellybean485 Reply:

    @Ice, you should check this song out by him “Take My Time”, I’m so in love with he rasp in his voice on that track. But yea I agree with the above comment from King R, he shouldve never signed with JD, its not poppin on So So Def anymore, and Brandon has a great voice…..lets hope he gets some success


    Ice Reply:

    @Jellybean485, “Take My Time” is fire too, thanks for the recommendation. And yeah, So So Def died a long time ago. Honestly, the last hit I can remember from So So Def besides “You’re The One” by Dondria was “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” from Dem Franchise Boyz back in ’05.


  6. HesSoPoetic

    i dont think its that R&B singers can’t write their own music, its that the labels rather go into a safe zone and use known producers & writers all the time. i guess after where finally introduced to the artist we’ll start to see more of their own work plus….. brandon hines has had a number of album/mixtapes, im sure he’s written his own songs.

    Male R&B is underrated


  7. Jay

    His song “cutting you off” was my jam


  8. nicegirl

    Love it. I love hearing r&b songs, cause we don’t hear enough of them these days.


  9. notadoubt

    So So Def has fallen hard – the label has bit the dust and will never recover.


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